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    A non-scraping, functional node.js interface to imdb


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    Github / Gitlab

    Gitlab is the official upstream, and commits are mirrored to Github. I look at issues and PRs/MRs on both. Feel free to contribute on either.

    API Docs

    API docs are now here


    Import the library using require

    const imdb = require('imdb-api')

    or ES6 import

    import imdb from 'imdb-api'

    Call get to get a single movie

    imdb.get({name: 'The Toxic Avenger'}, {apiKey: 'foo', timeout: 30000}).then(console.log).catch(console.log);
    Movie {
      title: 'The Toxic Avenger',

    Furthermore if you already know the id you can call get with different args:

    imdb.get({id: 'tt0090190'}, {apiKey: 'foo'}).then(console.log);
    Movie {
      title: 'The Toxic Avenger',

    You can search for movies, and get multiple results by using the search function.{
      name: 'Toxic Avenger'
    }, {
      apiKey: 'foo'

    TV shows have an episodes method that you can use to fetch all of the episodes from that TV series.

    imdb.get({name: 'How I Met Your Mother'}, {apiKey: 'foo'}).then((things) => {
        return things.episodes()
    }).then((eps) => {
    Episode {
      season: 2,
      name: 'The Scorpion and the Toad',
      released: '2006-10-25T07:00:00.000Z',
      episode: 2,
      rating: '8.3',
      imdbid: 'tt0869673' },

    Using a Client object

    imdb-api also exported a Client object that you can use to store options for subsequent requests.

    import imdb = require('imdb');
    const cli = new imdb.Client({apiKey: 'xxxxxx'});
    cli.get({'name': 'The Toxic Avenger'}).then(console.log);

    Client also has a search method for searching.

    import imdb = require('imdb');
    const cli = new imdb.Client({apiKey: 'xxxxxx'});{'name': 'The Toxic Avenger'}).then((search) => {
      for (const result of search.results) {


    I see an API key in your examples? Is it required? How do I get one?

    Yes, it is required! omdb made this a requirement as of May 8, 2017. This is unfortunate, but totally understandable. While I plan on working on finding an alternative to provide the movie info you crave, I've enabled you to pass in an apikey.

    You can get one by going here.

    Why? There are like 3 other interfaces to imdb in npm

    Most of them scrape imdb. imdb explicitly forbids scraping.

    And what happens when the site layout changes? Well then your screen scraping solution fails in interesting ways. Screen scraping is also pretty slow, and we can't have that.

    WOAH I looked at your code and you're using unofficial APIs!

    There isn't an official API to imdb. As soon as one is released (and I notice), I'll update the module.

    imdb DOES release all of their data in text files nightly, so unofficial sites have popped up providing RESTful APIs against that data.

    I have to use a few, since none of them are complete.

    What if one of the unofficial APIs disappears?

    File a bug. I'll get creative.


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