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    A simple and blazing-fast javascript library for creating PPTX presentation from list of images

    If you have a set of raster picture files (for example, after converting PDF to JPG's) and you want to nicely wrap them into PowerPoint presentation–images-pptx is everything that you need.

    Use it with pure Node.js or TypeScript: library is written on TS and has all typings.

    Currently works:

    Node.js Browser CLI
    Yes WIP Yes


    Via npm:

    npm install --save images-pptx


    Add it to your project:

    // JavaScript
    const ImagesPptx = require('images-pptx')
    // TypeScript
    import * as ImagesPptx from 'images-pptx'
    // or, for TypeScript
    import { createPptx } from 'images-pptx';

    After that, you can use it like this:

    await ImagesPptx.createPptx(options)

    Options are:

    Option Description
    pictures Array of full paths to images (array of string) or single string to the directory where image files are placed
    saveTo Path to the directory (string) where .pptx file will be created
    pptxFileName Name of .pptx file (string) (default is "presentation.pptx"
    extension Extension of pictures (string, default: "jpg") which will be used in pptx (f.e. "jpg")
    native Boolean (default is false). Forces images-pptx use native OS commands, such as cp or rm on Mac and Linux instead of Node-based solutions. This solution can be a bit faster. WARNING to Windows users: this functionality was not tested correctly on Windows yet.
    meta Meta fields for presentation (see below)

    Example usage:

    await ImagesPptx.createPptx({
      pictures: '/Users/username/Pictures',
      saveTo: '/Users/username/Presentation',
      pptxFileName: 'Our great party.pptx',
      extension: 'png',
      native: true,
      meta: {
        author: 'Lyoha Plotinka',
        title: 'Our great party!',
        revision: 2,
        createdAt: '2020-09-08T10:24:09.658Z'

    This will generate file /Users/username/Presentation/Our great party.pptx with all the .png files from /Users/username/Pictures.

    For every key in meta objects there are default values:

    • Images-pptx presentation from title;
    • Images-pptx for author;
    • 1 for revision;
    • Output from new Date().toISOString() for createdAt

    CLI usage

    You can use images-pptx as command-line app. Install it globally or call it from node_modules folder. For example:

    npm install -g images-pptx
    # after installing 
    images-pptx --help
    # ...all usage options printed next 

    How fast is it?

    All test were made on MacOS, using console.time and console.timeEnd

    Options Result
    3 pictures, ~8.5mb total; native: false; directory with extension as a path 453.053ms
    3 pictures, ~8.5mb total; native: true; directory with extension as a path 335.393ms
    27 pictures, ~49mb total; native: false; directory with extension as a path 2518.479ms
    27 pictures, ~49mb total; native: true; directory with extension as a path 1893.986ms
    3 pictures, ~8.5mb total; native: false; array of direct paths 323.845ms


    1. Browser version of images-pptx
    2. Proportional resizing of pictures

    Found a bug?

    Feel free to contribute, create an issue or contact me directly. All my contacts are availabe on my website


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