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End2End encrypted and real time enabled memoboard

Dependency Status is a simple realtime synced memo board which is encrypted using AES.


  • End2End encryption
  • Drag&Drop image uploads on notes
  • Custom workspaces and wallpapers
  • Full change history
  • Simple time line
  • Translate youtube links in embedded youtube videos
  • Show website icons for links
  • Colors and custom categories

Author: was written and designed by Bernhard Behrendt all rights reserved.

Released under MIT License



For creating thumbs and fix image rotations graphicsmagick is required.


Install graphicsmagick via e.g bower or mac ports

bower install imagemagick


Install graphicsmagick via apt-get

sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick imagemagick


Visit the websites of graphicsmagick and install the windows version of that libraries. Furthermore you maybe set graphicsmagicks path in $PATH system variable.

Node.js requires node.js and npm.


npm install -g

You now can start application by type in your terminal:

ihaveto Without the dot ;)

You can change the port in server/settings/config.js.

CONFIG Settings

    PORT: 3000,
    PASS_REFERER: '*',          // Determine which domain referers are passed to uploaded data
                                // (* means everything and domain without "http://www." (e.g.
                                // means only calls from given domain which is recommended)

    ROOT: __dirname + '/../',   // The servers root folder
    MAX_UPLOAD_SIZE: 16,        // Determine the max upload file size in MB
    MAX_DAYS_UNUSED: 60,        // Determine after how many days a non uses borad/image gets deleted by system
    IMG_ROOT: 'upload',         // The folder where image uploads are stored in
    THUMB_HGT: 128,             // The Thumb width (double size fox retina displays)
    THUMB_WID: 128,             // The Thumb width (double size fox retina displays)
    GM_QUALITY: 95,             // Set the quality level for image optimisations
    RUN_CLEANUP: 21600000,      // Means 4 times a day
    SSL_KEY: null,              // The absolute path to a ssl key file
    SSL_CERT: null,             // The absolute path to a ssl certificates
    SSL_CA: null,               // The intermediate CA certificate
    SSL_PORT: 4433,             // The port which provides SSL
    ALLOWED_UPLOAD_FILES: ['image/png', 'image/jpg', 'image/jpeg', 'image/gif'] // The allowed image upload formats


npm i

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