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HTTP Responder

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A simple and easy way to create and use HTTP errors (extending the original Node.js Error) whilst giving you the control over what is seen.

All you need to do is type into your terminal:

$ npm install --save http-responder

then into your code:

const hr = require('http-responder');


import hr from 'http-responder';

and you're good to go!

To create a custom error: new hr(statusCode [, optionsOrError]);

  1. statusCode: number your error's status code or an error message.

  2. optionsOrError: Error | {} the options object may be a nodejs error, or include:

    1. message: string your custom error message.

    2. data: any whatever data you what to send (also shows up in the payload property) - has to be truthy.

Also, you can choose to use: new hr(message [, options]);

  1. message: string your custom error message.

  2. options: {} the options object may include:

    1. statusCode: number the error's status code (you can use status instead)

    2. data: any whatever data you what to send (also shows up in the payload property) - has to be truthy!

(new hr(); on its own will give you a 500 status error default.)

Or, you can create them by the pre-made static functions (hr.notFound(), for example, for code 404) - a full list below.

And then, your imagination is the limit, i.e.: hr.notFound().end(res); (only in express 4.x).


  1. status | statusCode the error's status code.

  2. statusDesc | statusText the default description for the given status code (readonly).

  3. data | body the included data.

  4. payload holds only a pretty version of the error (i.e., no stack), so no sensitive information will be leaked, including:

    • statusCode - the original status code.

    • statusDesc - the default status description.

    • message - the given message.

    • data - the given data.

    • log() - a function to console.log the payload - for testing.

  5. All other Node.js's Error object properties.


appendError(error: Error) to append an Error to your custom one.

end(res: Response) (or send() or json() for compability) to send the response payload back to the client (works in express 4.x).

log() to console.log you object - for testing.

Static methods:

hr.isHR(res) checks if the res object is of type HttpResponder.

hr.improve(err) returns a new HttpResponder based on the err: Error param (with a status code of 500 unless different in the err object).

Static response methods:

Each function here is used in the same manner: hr.<functionName>(message: string | undefined, data: any); or hr.<functionName>(data: any); (in the latter data cannot be of type string - otherwise the data will be inserted into the message param).

A Reminder: when using hr.noContent(data).end(res); express removes all fields from the response and returns only the status code (204)! So niether the data nor the default description will be returned.

Static Function Status Code
hr.continue() 100
hr.switchingProtocols() 101
hr.processing() 102
hr.earlyHints() 103
hr.ok() 200
hr.created() 201
hr.accepted() 202
hr.nonAuthoritativeInformation() 203
hr.noContent() 204
hr.resetContent() 205
hr.partialContent() 206
hr.multiStatus() 207
hr.alreadyReported() 208
hr.ImUsed() 226
hr.multipleChoices() 300
hr.movedPermanently() 301
hr.found() 302
hr.seeOther() 303
hr.notModified() 304
hr.useProxy() 305
hr.switchProxy() 306
hr.temporaryRedirect() 307
hr.permanentRedirect() 308
hr.badRequest() 400
hr.unauthorized() 401
hr.paymentRequired() 402
hr.forbidden() 403
hr.notFound() 404
hr.methodNotAllowed() 405
hr.notAcceptable() 406
hr.proxyAuthenticationRequired() 407
hr.requestTimeOut() 408
hr.conflict() 409
hr.gone() 410
hr.lengthRequired() 411
hr.preconditionFailed() 412
hr.payloadTooLarge() 413
hr.uriTooLong() 414
hr.unsupportedMediaType() 415
hr.requestedRangeNotSatisfiable() 416
hr.expectationFailed() 417
hr.iAmATeapot() 418
hr.misdirectedRequest() 421
hr.unprocessableEntity() 422
hr.locked() 423
hr.failedDependency() 424
hr.unorderedCollection() 425
hr.upgradeRequired() 426
hr.preconditionRequired() 428
hr.tooManyRequests() 429
hr.requestHeaderFieldsTooLarge() 431
hr.unavailableForLegalReasons() 451
hr.clientClosedRequest() 499
hr.internalServerError() 500
hr.notImplemented() 501
hr.badGateway() 502
hr.serviceUnavailable() 503
hr.gatewayTimeOut() 504
hr.httpVersionNotSupported() 505
hr.variantAlsoNegotiates() 506
hr.insufficientStorage() 507
hr.bandwidthLimitExceeded() 509
hr.notExtended() 510
hr.networkAuthenticationRequired() 511
hr.networkReadTimeoutError() 598
hr.networkConnectTimeoutError() 599

Happy responding! ;)


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