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    Node module to handle to HTTP status codes

    verson License

    This module sets the the http messages for node's http server it usess request and responce arguments ofhttp resEnd argument is boolen, by defulat it is set to true if set set to true it trigeers res.end(). if sets to false, call function has explicitly call res.end() to end responce to client application.

    200 and plus

        httpMsgs.sendJSON(req, res, data, resEnd)
        This  send json object back  after with success 
        data = retun data is in JSON format
        httpMsgs.sendHTML(req, res, html, resEnd)
        this sends the responce in html format
        httpMsg.send200(req, res, resEnd)
        This send only 200 status but not data returned 

    300 plus

        httpMsgs.movedPermently(req, res, url, resEnd)
        moved permentantly
        httpMsgs.redirectTemporary(req, res, url,  resEnd)
        Temporary redirect
        httpMsgs.redirectPerment(req, res, url,  resEnd)
        perment redirect

    400 plus

        httpMsgs.send405(req, res, html, resEnd)
        Method not supporetd i.e request.methods supported
        if html argument is "", then sends the responce in JSON
        httpMsags.send404(req, res, html, resEnd)
        Requested page not availeble
        if html argument is "", then sends the responce in JSON
        httpMsgs.send413 (req, res, html, resEnd)
        Requesting for large data, not supported.
        if html argument is "", then sends the responce in JSON

    500 plus

        httpMsgs.send500(req, res, err, html, resEnd)
        This sends error status with error messages
        err = this contains error message
        if html argument is "", then sends the responce in JSON


        var cookieString =  httpMsgs.setCookieString(req, res, name, value, expires,maxAge, httponly, https=true/false);
        httpMsgs.setCookie(req, res, cookieString, data,  resEnd=true)
        httpMsgs.getCookie(req, res, curCookie);

    For more extensive study on read in this link HTTP status


    npm i http-msgs

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