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hora is a library / snippet which implements promises / A+ spec

What exactly is hora

  1. Use google translate and try to translate time to spanish. hora is what you get.
  2. In hindi or devanagari script, hora means [ in progress ]

What's my mindset while creating this library?

It's a friday night and I'm a boring person.

I came across Promises / A+ specification somehow. Now I've used promises a lot but I've never implemented the specification myself. So I thought let's just do it.

What are my initial expectations from this lib?

I don't want it to be the best lib in the world but I still have a few things in mind.

  1. Code should read like a story [ comments should not be required for someone to understand it ]
  2. Should try to follow latest ES stuff
  3. It should do pass the test cases of the specification.

What's interesting about this lib?

Hora :::: In hinda means "something happening and results are awaited Hora :::: Google translate for "time" gives Hora

This library is created more for the purpose of learning and as sucn recommended only for learning purposes.

How to test this lib >>>

npm install hora 
npm test 


npm i horaio

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