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Hood CMS

GitHub Visual Studio Version Demo

You can download and use the full ASP.NET Core Source Code form Hood CMS here: https://github.com/HoodDigital/Hood

About Hood CMS

Hood CMS Hood Digital's own content management system, built entirely in ASP.NET Core. With a fully functional CMS admin area and themable front site, including subscriptions powered by Stripe. Access and security is all based on the latest patterns for ASP.NET Core & EF Core Identity provider.

Client Side Code

npm Package Bower

You can download and use the client side code, containing all JavaScript, SCSS, Less and compiled CSS, including the default theme for Hood CMS here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/hoodcms

Recommended Installation

To install Hood JS & LESS via LibMan, add the following lines to your libman.json file:

    "destination": "wwwroot/hood",
    "library": "hoodcms@latest",
    "provider": "jsdelivr"

Legacy Themes Bower Installation

To install Hood JS & LESS for legacy themes, run the following command in the command line (bower required):

bower install --save hood


This package only contains the required SCSS/JavaScript and CSS files required to run Hood CMS with the current default theme.


npm i hoodcms

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