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    Homebridge OpenSprinkler API

    Homebridge plugin to control OpenSprinkler with HomeKit via the OpenSprinkler API as documented here.



    Install via the Homebridge UI for the easiest experience. Search under the "Plugins" tab for homebridge-opensprinkler-api and click "Install".


    Here are the required and optional parameters you can define in the config:

    Name Required? Description
    platform ✔️ This is the name that's used to register the plugin with Homebridge. It needs to be HomebridgeOpenSprinklerApi.
    password ✔️ This is how you define your password for your OpenSprikler system. You can either provide it in md5 form, or in plain text. So password would be defined like so if using md5: "password": { "md5": "<hash>" }. If using a plain text password: "password": { "plain": "<password>" }.
    host ✔️ The host of your OpenSprinkler system. For example: I would recommend using the IP address of the unit instead of a local hostname.
    pollInterval A number in seconds of how often you want to make requests to OpenSprinkler to get updates. The default is 15 seconds.
    valves ✔️ This is where you define your valves. OpenSprinkler's API is a little cryptic, so defining valves here makes things easier. Make sure you define your valves in the order they appear in the OpenSprinkler UI. Valves is an Array of objects that contain a name and defaultDuration property. Define like so: "valves": [{ "name": "Front Yard", "defaultDuration": 300 }]. Note: defaultDuration is defined in seconds. Also, HomeKit only allows numbers and letters in valve names. So don't include special characters.
    rainDelay Define a rain delay number here in hours and that's what will be used with the switch in the Home app. If you choose not to define this property, the switch will not appear in HomeKit.


    npm i homebridge-opensprinkler-api

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