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    hmtai is an Anime / Hentai (NSFW) Image API which simplifies how you fetch random images from the local JSON! More features and functions will be added soon!

    Will be i updating this API? Of course nyse, dude, but this API has a 17.754 NSFW picture, and 270 SFW picture. 18 024 total. All picture we added manually.

    My goal is to create the most depraved library ever and I think I got it

    Discord Server | Hentai Manager Bot in Discord | REST API | HMfull


    npm install hmtai



    • 5 new Tags, and big updates a old tags :)



    // hmtai //
    const hmtai = require("hmtai");
    // Get SFW Neko Images, uwu //
    console.log("SFW Neko: " + hmtai.neko());
    // Get other NSFW Images //
    console.log("Hentai: " + hmtai.nsfw.hentai());
    console.log("BDSM: " + hmtai.nsfw.bdsm());
    console.log("Ero: " + hmtai.nsfw.ero());

    Legacy Function(s)


    hmtai.function(); // Format
    hmtai.neko(); // Example
    hmtai.wallpaper(); // Example 2
    Function Description
    wallpaper SFW Wallpaper with Anime
    mobileWallpaper SFW Wallpaper with Anime on Mobile
    neko SFW Neko Girls (Cat Girls)
    jahy So hot Jahy :3

    NSFW Function(s)


    hmtai.nsfw.function(); // Format
    hmtai.nsfw.hentai(); // Example
    Function Description
    ass I know you like anime ass~ uwu
    bdsm If you don't know what it is, search it up
    cum Basically sticky white stuff that is usually milked from sharpies.
    creampie So hot, sticky, and inside uwu
    manga Sends a random doujin page imageURL!
    femdom Female Domination?
    hentai Sends a random vanilla hentai imageURL~
    incest I know, you like it. Brothet and sister <3 And..mo...omg
    masturbation You like lewd solo?~
    public Some people like do it on a public..uh~
    ero eros, ero Uniforms, etc, you know what eros are :3
    orgy Group Lewd Acts
    elves So, it's not Elvis Presley, but i know, you like it :)
    yuri What about cute Les?~
    pantsu I mean... just why? You like underwear?
    glasses Girls that wear glasses, uwu~
    cuckold Wow, I won't even question your fetishes.
    blowjob Basically an image of a girl sucking on a sharp blade!
    boobjob So soft, round ... gentle ... damn we love it
    foot So you like smelly feet huh?
    thighs Oh, i so like it, it's best of the best, like a religion <3
    vagina The genitals of a female, or a cat, you give the meaning.
    ahegao So happy woman faces :))
    uniform School and many other Uniforms~
    gangbang 5 on 1? Uh..
    tentacles I'm sorry but, why do you like it? Uh..
    gif Basically an animated image, so yes :3
    nsfwNeko NSFW Neko Girls (Cat Girls)
    nsfwMobileWallpaper NSFW Anime Mobile Wallpaper
    zettaiRyouiki That one part of the flesh being squeeze in thigh-highs~<3

    Wallpaper Function(s)


    hmtai.nsfw.function(); // NSFW Format
    hmtai.nsfw.mobileWallpaper(); // NSFW Example
    Function Description
    hmtai.mobileWallpaper() Fetch a random SFW Wallpaper! (Mobile)
    hmtai.wallpaper() Fetch a random SFW Wallpaper! (Desktop)
    hmtai.nsfw.nsfwMobileWallpaper() Fetch a random NSFW Wallpaper! (Mobile)

    Discord Bot Example

    // Imports Discord.JS and HMtai //
    const Discord = require("discord.js");
    const hmtai = require("hmtai");
    // Create New Client //
    const client = new Discord.Client();
    // Bot Settings //
    const settings = {
      prefix: "YOUR_BOT_PREFIX",
      token: "YOUR_BOT_TOKEN",
    client.on("message", async (message) => {
      // Create New Embed //
      const embed = new Discord.MessageEmbed();
      // Defines Command //
      var command = message.content.toLowerCase().slice(settings.prefix.length).split(" ")[0];
      // Onii-chan, don't reply! //
      if (!message.content.startsWith(settings.prefix) || message.author.bot) return;
      if (command == "nsfwNeko") {
        // For Embed //
        return message.channel.send(embed);
        // For Plain Text //
        return message.channel.send(hmtai.nsfw.nsfwNeko());
        // For Attachment //
        let img = hmtai.nsfw.nsfwNeko();
        return message.channel.send({file: [{ attachment: img, name: `NSFW${img.slice(-5)}` }]});
      } else if (command == "ero") {
        // For Embed //
        return message.channel.send(embed);
        // For Plain Text //
        return message.channel.send(hmtai.nsfw.ero());
        // For Attachment //
        let img = hmtai.nsfw.nsfwNeko();
        return message.channel.send({file: [{ attachment: img, name: `NSFW${img.slice(-5)}` }]});

    Thank Yous

    • 💗Mikanesa💗#1469 (What he shared with me his NSFW library!)


    I hand picked most of the images from the following: Discord Servers, Konachan, Patreon, Friends sending to me, nHentai, gelbooru, etc.


    Discord Server


    npm i hmtai

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