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    Highcharts Regression

    Linear and non-linear regression support for highcharts. Allows you to add regression series to any existing series on your chart. Calculates the r-squared value (coefficient of determination) and optionally prints it on the legend. If Linear or Polynomial regression is selected, you can print the equation on the legend.

    For a basic usage just add this property to the series json

    regression: true

    And for advanced configuration you can add options to

    regressionSettings: {}

    Regression settings:

    type (String)

    Regression type: 'linear' ,'exponential', 'polynomial', 'power', 'logarithmic', 'loess'. Default: linear

    order (Int)

    Set the order (polynomial only). Default: 2

    name (String)

    The name as it appears in the legend and tooltip. Use the following replacements:

    decimalPlaces (Int)

    Set the number of decimal places for r and r2 (linear only). Default: 2

    lineType (String)

    ??. Default: spline

    lineWidth (Int)

    The width of the regression line. Default: 2

    dashStyle (String)

    Use one of Highcharts-recognized dash styles. Default: solid

    color (String)

    Use one of Highcharts-recognized color definitions. Default: none.

    useAllSeries (Boolean)

    ??. Default: false

    extrapolate (Int)

    ??. Default: 0

    loessSmooth (Int)

    ??. Default: 25

    visible (Boolean)

    Whether to show the line itself. Hiding the line will grey out its legend item. Default: true

    hideInLegend (Boolean)

    The opposite of visible: show the line but not its legend item. Default: false

    index (Int)

    The index of the series in the chart, affecting the internal index in the chart.series array, the visible Z index as well as the order in the legend. Default: undefined

    legendIndex (Int)

    The sequential index of the series in the legend. Default: undefined

    tooltip (Object)

    Stardard Highcharts tooltip object

    dataLabels (Array of objects)

    Show dataLabels on specified points. Choose which points should have labels and enter their format. Supports Highchart dataLabel.format and the regression variables stated for name. Default: undefined

    Format expected for dataLabel objects:

      pointIndex: number // Index of the point to add label to.
      format: string // The text/format for the label.
    regressionSeriesOptions (Object)

    Standard Highcharts series object. Customize the options for the generated regression series. Default: undefined

    Exposed properties:

    The plugin exposes properties to series[regressionSeries].options.regressionOutputs (Object)



    npm i highcharts-regression

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