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    Headright lets you add and update headers in files. It is especially suitable for adding legal information such as copyright and license notices.


    Add Headright to your package as a devDependency:

    <npm|pnpm|yarn> add -D headright

    To use Headright in multiple projects, install globally using -g flag in lieu of the -D flag.


    Initialization is automatically done during local installations. However, it can also be run later.


    When installed locally, commands must be preceded by npx, pnpx or yarn as appropriate.

    Initialize Headright with the hr-init command:


    This creates a configuration file .headrightrc.js with sensible defaults. To create the configuration file with another name use the --config or -c flag.

    hr-init -c hr.config.js

    You shall be prompted before overwriting an existing configuration file. To avoid the prompt, use:

    • --force or -f flag to overwrite without asking, or
    • --ignore or -i flag to skip without asking.

    Using both options together will result in an error.


    You can create the configuration file programmatically:

    import { configuration } from 'headright';
    await configuration.initialize('path/to/new/config/file');


    Before using Headright, edit the configuration file as needed. All the options are explained in the comments within the configuration file itself.


    When installed locally, commands must be preceded by npx, pnpx or yarn as appropriate.

    Run Headright from the command line using hr command:

    hr [options] <files¹>


    To run Headright from a script, you need to load the configuration file and pass it to headright along with other options.

    import { configuration, headright } from 'headright';
    // Load the Configuration File
    const config = await configuration.load(/* optional path/to/config/file */);
    // or create you own config
    // Invoke Headright with minimum options
    const result = await headright({
      files: ['**'],
    // List the files modified
    console.log(results.filter(result.hasChanged && result.file).join('\n');


    • Files (Mandatory): List of files or glob patterns to modify.
      API: files Array of files/glob strings
      CLI: <files¹> List of files/glob strings

      ¹Remember to quote or escape any globs to prevent the shell from expanding them before they are passed to Headright.

    • Dry Run: Report the files that shall be changed. Does not mutate files.
      API: dry Boolean
      CLI: -d, --dry

    • Add Only²: Only add new headers in files where one does not previously exist.
      API: addOnly Boolean
      CLI: -a, --add-only

    • Update Only²: Only update notices in files (where they previously exist).
      API: updateOnly Boolean
      CLI: -u, --update-only

      ²Using both --add-only and --update-only together is the same as not specifying either, that is, both add and update will be carried out.

    Options (CLI only)

    • Verbose: List file changes
      CLI: -v, --verbose

    • Help: Show command line options
      CLI: -h, --help

    Results (API)

    The output is an array of objects with a list of files examined and if they were modified:

        "file": "path/to/files/file1.html",
        "hasChanged": true
        "file": "path/to/files/file2.html",
        "hasChanged": false

    Copyright & License

    Copyright © 2021, Rahul Gupta and Headright Contributors.

    Headright is distributed under the terms of the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0.


    npm i headright

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