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Havana server

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A server-side request/response dispatcher.

Havana server uses Node.js's HTTP server to listen for requests. When a request is received Havana server publishes a request.received event, subscribing to response.send events published by a response handler. When a response.send event is received Havana server passes the response content back to the HTTP server.

How to install

npm install havana-server

How to use

import Event from 'havana-event';
import Server from 'havana-server';
const event = new Event();
const reporting = {
  'level': 2, 
  'reporter': console.log,
const server = new Server({
  'event': event,
  'reporting': reporting,
// Add a response handler here
server.listen( 3000 );

Event list

Events take the form of Havana event or a library with an interchangeable API.


  • request.listening: Signifies that Havana server is now listening for requests on the specified port.
  • request.received: Signifies that Havana server has received a request on the specified port, publishing the request data for consumption by response handlers.
  • response.error: Signifies that all registered response handlers have failed to provide a response.


  • response.handler.register: Allows a response handler to notify Havana server that it will attempt to handle requests.
  • response.handler.error: Allows a response handler to notify Havana server that it has not been able to handle the request.
  • response.send: Allows a response handler to notify Havana server that it has handled the request successfully, publishing the response data for consumption by Havana server.


Havana server is written using ES2015+ syntax.

However, by default this module will use an ES5 compatible file that has been compiled using Babel.

In the dist directory there are two files, the default is server.js.

Havana server currently requires the Babel polyfill. You are expected to supply this yourself. However, as a courtesy you will also find server.with-polyfill.js in the dist directory.


npm i havana-server

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