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HAProxy Config

This module can read, modify and write config files that are compatible with HAProxy with 0 dependencies. Every line of configuration will be checked for validity by key (value can be anything).

Loading Config

To load an existing configuration file, just use the constructor:

var HAProxyConfig = require('haproxy-config');
var haproxyConfig = new HAProxyConfig('/etc/haproxy/haproxy.cfg');
haproxyConfig.loadConfig(function(err) {
    if(!!err) {
        // Handle this
    // haproxyConfig is now filled with the existing configuration

Creating or Modifying Config

If you want to create a configuration from scratch or want to modify an existing configuration file, you can use the following functions:

haproxyConfig.addSection(type, name) Used to add a section to the configuration file. The type can be any of 'global', 'defaults', 'frontend', 'listen' or 'backend'. Not checked is the name and can be anything. This function returns a section object to which you can add a configuration.

mySection.addConfig(key, value) Used to add a configuration line to the section. For validity, the key will be checked (does the key exist and is it allowed within this section). A full list of valid keys can be found here (not supported are deprecated keys): The value can be anything and is not checked.

Saving Config

When you are done created your configuration file, it can be saved by calling the following command: {
    if(!!err) {
        // Handle this

The configuration will be saved to the path given in the constructor. If the file exists it will be overwritten.


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