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    a Raspberrymatic / CCU3 addon

    This RaspberryMatic / CCU3 addon will allow you to access your HomeMatic devices from HomeKit. Its much like https://github.com/thkl/homebridge-homematic but without homebridge. All this runs on your RaspberryMatic / CCU3. You will not need any extra hardware.


    Download the latest addon (hap-homematic-x.x.xx.tar.gz) from https://github.com/thkl/hap-homematic/releases/latest/ and install it via system preferences to your ccu.

    A little bit later (the addon will install all other needed software) you will have a HomeKit button in your ccu system preference page.

    This will not run on a older CCU2 model.

    Used Ports :

    • 9874 -> Config WebUI
    • 9875 -> RPC event server
    • 9876 -> RPC event server CuxD (optional)
    • 9877..n HAP Instance 0 .. n

    make sure your ccu firewall does not block ports 9874,9877 ... n

    Stefan, of verdrahtet.info, has made a nice german tutorial here


    If you are using the https version of your ccu WebUI page, you have to enable https for the hap-homematic configuration page also. hap-homematic will use the same self signed tls certificate as your ccu.


    You can use your ccu user management as an optional authentication for hap-homematic. If you turn on this feature, you have to call the configuration page from your ccu webUI system preference page to use a valid session. Only ccu admins are alowed to use the hap-homematic configuration page if authentication was turned on.

    Concept of rooms

    HAP the homekit accessory protocol does not know a room concept. So when you add one or more devices to a bridge the will appear at the same room as the bridge in your homekit client application. Therefore hap-homematic is able to fire up multiple bridges (hap instances). During the installation wizzard you may add a instance for each of your rooms, add theese instances to homekit and put them into rooms. From this time on adding a new device to an instance will place this device into the same room as your brigde.

    FakeGato History

    All generated homekit devices will support fakegato history (if there is a history option in eve). Please note: History is only available if u are using the eve app as a homekit controller.

    Issues and not supported devices

    Please open an issue here for all what went wrong. If you just have a question or want to know something consider to open a thread in Discussions


    Please find the documentation in the wiki


    the icon was made by @roe1974


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