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gulp plugin to convert java i18n property files to json


Install package with NPM and add it to your development dependencies:

npm install --save-dev gulp-i18n-properties


var gulp = require('gulp');
var i18nProperties = require('gulp-i18n-properties');
gulp.task('i18n', function () {
    return gulp.src('src/bundles/*.properties')
        .pipe(i18nProperties( options ))


i18n converts a bunch of java i18n property files into locale specific json files. A bundle of i18n files have a three level hierarchy:

  1. specific localisations for regional language variations ( eg en_AU, pt_BR ) - usually only some keys are localised
  2. a file for each supported language ( eg es, it, jp, zh) - most keys are translated
  3. the primary development (fallback) language (often English en) - all keys are available in the development language

Project.Name = gulp-i18n-properties
Project.Description = A great little project

Project.Description = Un pequeño gran proyecto

Project.Description = A little ripper of a project

gulp-i18n-properties provides the best available translation from any of the three levels that are available

for example

generating an en_AU file will produce

Project.Name = gulp-i18n-properties
Project.Description = A little ripper of a project

selecting the Project.Name from the generic en file, and the Project.Description from the region specific en_AU file.

generating a pt_BR file will produce results just from the en file ( providing Brazilian portuguese users with english ), since neither pt nor pt_BR files are available.


  • primary

    Defaults to "en". The primary development language. Eg the fallback language used when a key has not been translated yet. primary may also be false in which case no fallback is used and untranslated keys will be missing

  • langs

    Default value: ["en_AU"]

    An array of all the languages you wish to support. Typically you would provide languages with the regional component, though this is not required.

    a typical example might look like ["en_US", "en_UK", "en_AU", "fr_FR", "de_DE", "it_IT", "es_ES" "pt_PT", "zh_CN", "ja_JP", "ko_KR", "ar_EG"]

  • process

    Default value: function(properties, lang) { return JSON.stringify( properties ) }

    A function that transforms the final properties map into the string that is written to the language file.

  • destMask

    Default value is "{lang}/{bundle}.json"

    Since gulp-i18n-properties generates a file for each lang / bundle compination. This allows you to define the way these files are output


npm i gulp-i18n-properties

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