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A gulp plugin to make line endings consistent across files in a project.

about gulp-conditional-eol

The module uses iShafayet/line-ending-corrector under the hood while providing some additional functionality.

You can get a good summary directly from iShafayet/line-ending-corrector's

It converts all those pesky \r\n (a.k.a CRLF) line endings in Microsoft Windows operating systems into the more commonly used and recognized \n (a.k.a LF). Though it lets you do the opposite as well ( converting LF to CRLF ). It supports \r (a.k.a CR) as well for the sake of completion.

You should definitely have this in your build process especially if someone in your team works from a non UNIX system.


requiring it. the condEOL variable itself is a function.

condEOL = require('gulp-conditional-eol')

simplest version


with all options

    lineSeparator: 'LF', 
    fileEncoding: 'utf8', 
    ext: ['scss','css','js'],
    excludeNonMatches: true,
    includeMatches: false,
    verbose: 'min', 
}, ['additionalExt1','additionalExt2']))

First Parameter: Options (object)

lineSeparator Desired End of Line character. can be CR (\r), LF(\n). Default LF(\n)

encoding Any meaningful encoding that nodejs supports. Default utf8

ext An array of all the file extensions to check (replaces existing defaults). Default [ 'cnf', 'conf', 'config', 'css', 'haml', 'htaccess', 'htm', 'html', 'jade', 'js', 'json', 'log', 'markdown', 'md', 'mustache', 'php', 'pug', 'scss', 'tpl', 'ts', 'txt', 'xhtml', 'xml', 'yml' ]

excludeNonMatches Prevents files with extensions that are not matched in ext option to be passed through the pipe. Defaults to 'false'

includeMatches Allow files with extensions that are matched in ext option to be passed through the pipe when they already have the correct line endings. Defaults to 'false'

verbose Accepts 'min', true or false. 'min' only shows updated files, true shows all, false hides all. Default 'min'

Second Parameter: appendExt (string or array)

Additional file extensions to add to the defaults. Default


npm i gulp-conditional-eol

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