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In Grenache, grenache-nodejs-link communicates with the DHT.


Install Grenache Grape:

npm i -g grenache-grape
// Start 2 Grapes
grape --dp 20001 --aph 30001 --bn ''
grape --dp 20002 --aph 40001 --bn ''

Class: Link

new Link(options)

  • options <Object> Options for the link
    • grape <String> Address of the Grenache Grape instance. Communication is done via WebSocket or HTTP.
    • requestTimeout <Number> Default timeout for requests to Grape,
    • pingTimeout <Number> Ping connection timeout to Grape (triggers reconnect attempt),
    • lruMaxSizeLookup <Number> Maximum size of the cache, checked by applying the length function to all values in the cache
    • lruMaxAgeLookup <Number> Maximum cache age in ms.


Sets up the link.


Stops all current requests and announces.


  • name <String> Name of the service, used to find the service from other peers

Used to announce a service, e.g. a RPC Server.

link.startAnnouncing(name, port, [opts])

Keep announcing a service every ~2min (default) or specify interval in opts.interval

link.stopAnnouncing(name, port)

Stop announcing a service

link.put(data, callback)

  • data
    • v: <String> value to store
  • callback <function>

Puts a value into the DHT. Example.

link.putMutable(data, opts, callback)

  • data
    • v: <String> value to store
    • s: <Number> sequence number
  • opts
    • keys: <Object> contains ed25519-supercop private and public key
      • publicKey: <Buffer> public key
      • secretKey: <Buffer> private key
  • callback <function>

Provides sugar for storing mutable, signed data in the DHT.

Example raw put
Example with putMutable

link.get(hash | object, callback)

  • hash <String> Hash used for lookup

  • object <Object>

    • hash: <String> Hash used for lookup
    • salt: <String> (optional) salt that was used if data was stored with salt. Required in those cases.
  • callback <function>

Retrieves a stored value from the DHT via a hash <String>. It also supports an object, which is used to pass a previously used salt in order to retrieve the data teh salt was used upon.

Callback returns err <Object> and data <Object>.


link.lookup(name, [opts], callback)

  • name <String> Name of the service to lookup
  • opts
    • retry: <Number> retry count
  • callback <function>

Retrieves the ports and IPs of a given service name.


npm i grenache-nodejs-link

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