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GraphQL types for integers of arbitrary precision and bounds.

Javascript number type only has 53 bits of integer precision. This means it can't support 64 bit or higher integers without losing precision. To solve this, the library uses the new node bigint type.

Also often APIs want to restrict the range of values for an integer, this library also allows specifying a valid min and max range that will be validated.

Note: Depends on BigInt Spec support in the environment. BigInt is implemented in node >= 10.4.0.

Common Types

Provides these common types:

GraphQL Type GraphQL Kind JS Type Min Max
GraphQLInt8 INT number -(2^7) 2^7-1
GraphQLUInt8 INT number 0 2^8-1
GraphQLNaturalInt8 INT number 1 2^8-1
GraphQLInt16 INT number -(2^15) 2^15-1
GraphQLUInt16 INT number 0 2^16-1
GraphQLNaturalInt16 INT number 1 2^16-1
GraphQLInt32 INT number -(2^31) 2^31-1
GraphQLUInt32 INT number 0 2^32-1
GraphQLNaturalInt32 INT number 1 2^32-1
GraphQLBigInt64 STRING bigint -(2^63) 2^63-1
GraphQLUBigInt64 STRING bigint 0 2^64-1
GraphQLNaturalBigInt64 STRING bigint 1 2^64-1
GraphQLStringInt64 STRING string -(2^63) 2^63-1
GraphQLUStringInt64 STRING string 0 2^64-1
GraphQLNaturalStringInt64 STRING string 1 2^64-1


import { makeExecutableSchema } from 'graphql-tools';
import { GraphQLInt8 } from 'graphql-type-ints';
const typeDefs = `
scalar GraphQLInt8
type Query {
  value(v: GraphQLInt8): UInt
const resolvers = {
  Query: {
    value: (root, { v }) => v,
let schema = makeExecutableSchema({ typeDefs, resolvers });
export default schema;

Custom Types

You can also create a custom GraphQL integer type using one of these functions:

Function GraphQL Kind JS Type
createGraphQLNumberIntType INT number
createGraphQLBigIntType STRING bigint
createGraphQLStringIntType STRING string

Each function takes the same parameters function(name, min ,max):

Parameters Description
name GraphQLScalarType name (must be unique)
min Min value of the integer inclusive
max Max value of the integer inclusive

The function will validate that the min and max parameters are in the safe integer range to ensure that you don't lose precision from javascript number type.


import { UINT32_MAX, createGraphQLBigIntType } from 'graphql-type-ints';
const NaturalBigInt = createGraphQLBigIntType('NaturalBigInt', 1, UINT32_MAX);


npm i graphql-type-ints

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