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Small Free library tool to transliterate words for a provided language code.

Publishing NPM Package

  1. Create & PUsh Git Tag:

    git tag v1.1.2 git push origin --tags

  2. Login to Npm

    npm login
    userename: r******
    password: ***
    email: sam***.***.*****@****.com

    To Verify if Logged in:

    npm whoami 
  3. Modify the tag version on package.json as below:

      "name": "google-input-tool",
      "version": "1.1.1",
  4. Publish the package in npm js

    npm publish 

    Will Give Following output:

    npm notice 
    npm notice 📦  google-input-tool@1.1.2
    npm notice === Tarball Contents === 
    npm notice 767B   package.json
    npm notice 2.3kB  index.js    
    npm notice 1.4kB  README.md   
    npm notice 16.8kB test/test.js
    npm notice === Tarball Details === 
    npm notice name:          google-input-tool                       
    npm notice version:       1.1.2                                   
    npm notice package size:  4.1 kB                                  
    npm notice unpacked size: 21.2 kB                                 
    npm notice shasum:        57e02d067884918d114d2ea9a1bdb3cbb19ee3db
    npm notice integrity:     sha512-BrDfNniAQBnB6[...]B1Lo5b05Pn71Q==
    npm notice total files:   4                                       
    npm notice 
    + google-input-tool@1.1.2

Installation of this package

npm install google-input-tool

Usage of this package

let googleTransliterate = require('google-input-tool');

let sourceText = 'hami';
let inputLanguage = 'ne-t-i0-und';
let maxResult = 8;
let request = new XMLHttpRequest();

googleTransliterate(request, sourceText, inputLanguage, maxResult)
.then(function(response) {
    console.log('Transliterated Text: ', response);

Transliterated Text: हामी

Supported Languages

Language Code
Amharic am-t-i0-und
Arabic ar-t-i0-und
Bengali bn-t-i0-und
Chinese (Hong Kong) yue-hant-t-i0-und
Chinese (Simplified, China) zh-t-i0-pinyin
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) zh-hant-t-i0-und
Greek el-t-i0-und
Gujarati gu-t-i0-und
Hindi hi-t-i0-und
Kannada kn-t-i0-und
Malayalam ml-t-i0-und
Marathi mr-t-i0-und
Nepali ne-t-i0-und
Oriya or-t-i0-und
Persian fa-t-i0-und
Punjabi pu-t-i0-und
Russian ru-t-i0-und
Sanskrit sa-t-i0-und
Serbian sr-t-i0-und
Sinhalese si-t-i0-und
Tamil ta-t-i0-und
Telugu te-t-i0-und
Thai th-t-i0-und
Tigrinya ti-t-i0-und
Urdu ur-t-i0-und




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