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    Google Ads Node

    Google Ads API client library for Node.js

    ⚠️ Warning ⚠️

    You're probably looking for our easy-to-use Google Ads API client library google-ads-api.

    This library (google-ads-node) is the compiled output of the experimental Google Ads API Bazel build files, and will require some work to use as a standalone library, for which we currently provide no documentation.


    npm install google-ads-node


    Documentation for this will be released soon

    Upgrading API Versions

    1. Fetch the latest changes in Opteo/gax-nodejs.
    2. Update the official google-gax dependency to the latest version in package.json.
    3. Update GOOGLE_ADS_VERSION in the Makefile to the latest version (if required).
    4. Run make protos to pull in the new protos and compile them.
    5. If upgrading to a new major version delete the old version folders from package/googleads-nodejs/protos/google/ads/googleads/{OLD_VERSION} and package/googleads-nodejs/src/{OLD_VERSION}.
    6. Run yarn to prepare the package and install the latest dependencies.
    7. Run yarn test to make sure everything worked (you may need to update the version numbers here).
    8. Double check that any files that should have been updated have been.
    9. Update the readme to reflect the new Google Ads API version number
    10. Make a pull request, get it approved and merged into master.
    11. Publish to npm.


    npm i google-ads-node

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