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    Global React State

    This package provides simple global state management through React hooks.

    • No extra files or React components required
    • No dependencies but React itself
    • Very small bundle size (< 1 kB)


    Create the global state

    import createGlobalState from 'global-react-state';
    const [useMyState, setMyState, getMyState] = createGlobalState(initialValue);

    Use the global state

    const MyComponent = () => {
    	const [myState, setMyState] = useMyState();
    	// ...

    Set the global state

    The setter function can be called inside or outside a React component.


    If the new state is computed using the previous state, you can pass a function to your state setter.

    The function will receive the previous value and return an updated value. For example:

    setMyState(oldValue => oldValue + 1);

    Get the global state

    The getter function should only be called outside a React component.


    If you want to get the state inside a React component, you should use useMyState instead.

    Best Practice

    Export and import

    You can easily export the hook or the setter from one file and import it into another:

    // myState.ts
    export const [useMyState, setMyState] = createGlobalState(initialValue);
    import { useMyState } from './myState';

    Avoid unnecessary re-render attempts

    Because the setter function can also be called outside a component, it is never necessary for a component to use a global state hook without using the value of the state:

    // ❌ DON'T do this.
    import { useMyState } from './myState';
    const MyComponent = () => {
    	const [, setMyState] = useMyState();
    	// Call `setMyState` in here.

    This will unnecessarily attempt to re-render the component whenever the state updates, since it is using the hook. Instead, you could simply import the setter without the hook:

    // ✅ Do this.
    import { setMyState } from './myState';
    const MyComponent = () => {
    	// Call `setMyState` in here.

    No hook required!

    TypeScript Usage

    If TypeScript cannot infer your state's type sufficiently, you can explitly define the type using a type parameter on createGlobalState. For example:

    const [useNumbers] = createGlobalState<number[]>([]);


    npm i global-react-state

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