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Small tool to automate the git to url flow on k8s


npm install -g git-to-k8s

Get Started


  • helm initialized in Kubernetes cluster
  • docker available and logged in already to registry
  • git available

Steps for a normal project:

  • commit project code to git repo
  • include deployment attributes in package.json and add charts
  • clone the repo to local, build images and push to container registry
  • launch deployment with helm on k8s (helm install or helm upgrade)

Sample package.json:

  "deploy": {
    "registry": "(optional, default registry for images)",
    "images": [
        "prepare": "npm build (optional)",
        "dockerfile": "(optional, default: Dockerfile)",
        "name": "app1",
        "tag": "0.1.1",
        "path": "(optional, default: .)",
        "registry": "(optional, registry for images)"
    "charts": [
        "path": "charts (optional, default: charts)",
        "values": "",
        "release": "px.app1"



$ npm i -g git-to-k8s
$ git-to-k8s --help
Usage: git-to-k8s repo_url [--dry] [-b branch] [--purge] [--debug] [--local] [--image-only] [--chart-only] 
     --help: get help info 
     --local: use a local file system copy as source 
     --purge: purge helm release first before deploy each chart 
     --image-only: only update images to registry 
     --chart-only: only deploy charts without touching images 
     --dry: dry run only and shows commands to execute, with images will be built 
     --debug: show debug info from helm 


$ git-to-k8s 
 Checking dependencies... 
 Target git remote url: 
 Total 4 steps to run 
 Step: 1 / 4 - Clone repo to local temp work directory 
 - shell: mkdir -p /var/tmp/git-to-k8s  
 - shell: cd /var/tmp/git-to-k8s  
 - shell: rm -rf git-to-k8s  
 - shell: git clone --depth=1 /var/tmp/git-to-k8s/git-to-k8s  
Cloning into '/var/tmp/git-to-k8s/git-to-k8s'...
 - shell: cd git-to-k8s  
 Step: 2 / 4 - build docker images and push to registry 
 - shell: docker build -t devfans/test:0.0.1 -f sample/Dockerfile sample  
Sending build context to Docker daemon  18.43kB
Step 1/4 : FROM node:alpine
 ---> cc3ade82a1f2
Step 2/4 : COPY package.json package.json
 ---> Using cache
 ---> 0cec40705c46
Step 3/4 : RUN npm install --production
 ---> Using cache
 ---> 4171db2c8f89
Step 4/4 : CMD npm start
 ---> Using cache
 ---> 1c8b6cab22ae
Successfully built 1c8b6cab22ae
Successfully tagged devfans/test:0.0.1
 - shell: docker push devfans/test:0.0.1  
The push refers to repository []
c7762379164b: Preparing
6cfb3c56ee53: Preparing
1fe401b6b7c6: Preparing
b15aad9c911d: Preparing
2aebd096e0e2: Preparing
c7762379164b: Layer already exists
6cfb3c56ee53: Layer already exists
1fe401b6b7c6: Layer already exists
b15aad9c911d: Layer already exists
2aebd096e0e2: Layer already exists
0.0.1: digest: sha256:1375e4af0340bac927b89481b236ca128a8c600ff3f2e6a7f52413ab5f954757 size: 1369
 Step: 3 / 4 - deploy charts 
 - shell: helm install --name test-git-to-k8s -f sample/charts/test/values.yaml ./sample/charts/test  
NAME:   test-git-to-k8s
LAST DEPLOYED: Thu Dec 27 07:53:31 2018
NAMESPACE: default

==> v1beta1/Deployment
NAME             AGE
test-git-to-k8s  0s

==> v1/Pod(related)

NAME                              READY  STATUS   RESTARTS  AGE
test-git-to-k8s-5fd6576659-9cxzl  0/1    Pending  0         0s

==> v1/Service

NAME             AGE
test-git-to-k8s  0s

 Step: 4 / 4 - Clean up 
 - shell: rm -rf /var/tmp/git-to-k8s/git-to-k8s


npm i git-to-k8s

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