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Git commit summary

Easily generate release notes based on commit history.

Why do you need this module

A great repository is not only made by great code. Organization matter. When you make release of your code, you need to tel people what changed since the last release and why the new version rocks ! Most of the time, you don't remember exactly what was made between the last release and the incomming one. It takes you some time to remember and some time to write it down ...

Clear commits for a good cause

Of course, this tool is not magic (don't cry buddy, I did too when I discovered that but it's pointless). You need to follow some guidelines in order to generate the summary. Angular's commit guidelines are my favourites so far so I invite you to check it out. But don't worry, this module will also work if don't want to have the exact commit message format or those types [feat|fix|docs|style|refactor|perf|test|chore] till you respect :

<type-of-your-choice>(<scope-of-your-choice>): <subject>

Show me the awesome

Talking is cool, but how's the output ?

The following output comes from real-debrid-stream repository. It has been generated with an alpha version of this plugin.

Commit Type Description
c53ab08 chore(version) V1.0.0
ac1809d style Reduce margin bottom
8307e3a fix Stream service cannot stream to Kodi
d6b6d6e fix Gulp watch throws an error because of empty src
2dc5929 fix Use chrome storage instead of session storage
fc91081 feat(build) Implement type definition manager for TypeScript
6fa3c0f refactor Reduce tsAppConfig() and ts() functions to one abstract function
42cba1e refactor Clean unused file
e107d7b fix Move inline script from index.html to a javascript file
b71a7ff feat Add notifications support
ceadecd feat Stream service, use settings service to provide real data for real-debrid account and Kodi IP
cdb7de4 refactor Remove unused code from angular2-seed
1ab2c70 feat Create settings.service
b182d9d feat Create settings.component
86708a8 fix Copy app manifest and icon into build folder
203a9c3 feat Create stream.service
b17a2a3 feat Create stream.component
4e01faa feat Init repository

You don't like tables ?

This module will be build with templates. This way, you'll be able to implement your own output or used pre-made templates (like lists).


In lieu of a formal styleguide, take care to maintain the existing coding style. Add unit tests for any new or changed functionality. When submitting a PR, make sure that the commit messages match the Angular's commit guidelines.




npm i git-commit-summary

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