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Gist To-Do CLI


  • octonode
  • vorpal
  • open


$ npm install gist-to-do


To start the console:

$ node todo

To use the console:

todo$ <command>
Command Description Options
login Login with your github credentials (userid/password). These are cached locally.
whoami Ouput the userid of the currently logged in user
list List known gists that follow the pattern gistToDo-{title}.md
show Display the current ToDo list loaded -v (--verbose) {open the gist in the browser}
create Create a new ToDo List title {the title for the ToDo list and used in the gist file name}
add Add a new task task {the text for a new task, encapsulate in "" if its more than one word}
check Check/Uncheck tasks in the current list [taskId] {optional task number to check off, else, a check list is provided}
load Load and set a ToDo list from known gists that follow the pattern gistToDo-{title}.md
delete Delete a task. [taskId] {optional task number to delete, else a list of tasks for deletion will be provided}
config Configure options for cli. -g (--gitHubURL) [url]{set github url proxy, useful for enterpeise}, -l (--list){list set configuration}, -c (--clear) {clear out any set configurations}
archive archive all checked tasks

Future Enhancements##

  • Add local/offline storage if github is unavailable
  • Add due dates and reminders
  • I hate that octonode is just all callbacks, take the time to re-wrap it into promises


npm i gist-to-do

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