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    Ghost Theme Check

    Checks Ghost themes for errors, deprecations, best practices and looks to see which features are supported. Aims to generate a compatibility report and feature listing for themes.

    To install:

    npm install ghost-theme-check

    CLI usage

    To run a local directory through the checks:

    gtc /path/to/theme/directory

    To run a local zip file through the checks:

    gtc /path/to/ -z

    Web usage

    You can run a web interface for uploading a zip file:

    node server.js

    Then navigate to http://localhost:2369, and use the form to upload your file

    Result types:

    • Errors: these are issues which will cause your theme to not work properly. These must be fixed.
    • Warnings: these are usually related to deprecated features. These should be fixed.
    • Recommendations: these are advisories about best practice. Fixing these will improve your theme.
    • Features: detected features which may impact on compatibility. Nothing to do :)

    Still To Do:

    • Support for running the checks against a GitHub repository
    • Many, many more checks
    • Detailed advice for each check/result
    • Compatibility report
    • Feature listing


    npm i ghost-theme-check


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