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    Create a Node.js module with ease

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    See node-mdl-starter, it is an example of what you get using this generator and it is automatically generated with every new release of this generator.



    npm install --global yo generator-node-mdl


    yo node-mdl
    # answer questions 

    With the most basic options, youʼll get a project structured like this:

    $ tree
    ├── .github
    │   ├── issue_template.md
    │   └── pull_request_template.md
    ├── other
    │   ├── code_of_conduct.md
    │   ├── examples.md
    │   └── roadmap.md
    ├── src
    │   ├── index.js
    │   └── index.test.js
    ├── .babelrc
    ├── .editorconfig
    ├── .esdoc.json
    ├── .eslintignore
    ├── .eslintrc
    ├── .gitattributes
    ├── .gitignore
    ├── .npmignore
    ├── .travis.yml
    ├── contributing.md
    ├── license
    ├── package.json
    ├── readme.md
    └── yarn.lock

    Less boilerplate 🎉


    There are 2 ways to supply your data to this generator. The obvious way is runnin yo node-mdl and answer all questions. You can bypass questions by passing options as arguments.

    Run yo node-mdl --help to see the different options.

    About passwords and tokens

    This project contain some features that will make your life easier when setting up a new open-source project. Based on your choices, you may be asked to supply some of your accounts usernames and passwords (github, npm, etc...) so this project will automatically produce tokens for those accounts and save them to your TravisCI as secured enviorment variables if needed. You can bypass those questions by manually creating tokens and supply them using options as arguments.

    1. --npmToken my-token is needed when using with --npmDeploy.

      Your token will end up in TravisCI as a secured enviorment variables called NPM_TOKEN.

      creating and viewing npm authentication tokens

    2. --githubToken my-token is needed when using with --createGithubRepository or with --travisCI.

      creating and viewing github authentication tokens

      • When using with --createGithubRepository your token doesn't need to contain any scope.

      • When using with --travisCI but without --semanticRelease your token doesn't need to contain any scope.

      • When using with --travisCI and with --semanticRelease your token need to contain the following scopes:

        • repo
        • read:org
        • user:email
        • repo_deployment
        • repo:status
        • write:repo_hook


    How to upgrade existing project scaffolded with Yeoman?

    Read how to do it here.

    Forked from

    generator-oss - Supports ES2015+ and XO by default



    MIT © Avi Sharvit


    npm i generator-node-mdl

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