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    1. About FreeKernelJS
    2. When Should I Use FreeKernelJS?
    3. Getting Started
    4. Templates
    5. Themes
    6. Development Tools
    7. Contributing to This Project
    8. License
    9. Releases

    About FreeKernelJS

    FreeKernelJS aims to provide developers with a set of tools to produce a Web application structured from a Template, and to use common tasks in development such as: testing the application, generate documentation, produce a distribution version, and more.

    To accelerate the production of the applications FreeKernelJS uses a Generator, which also makes the entire process simple and easy to use.
    FreeKernelJS Generator creates for you a work environment - the Workspace, a separate Web project for each application, and enables you to develop custom Templates and Themes, then - import them into FreeKernelJS to be operated by its Generator.

    FreeKernelJS is based on these technologies:

    Yeoman Grunt Bower Karma

    Supported platforms: Windows, iOS, Linux.
    Supported Browsers: designed to support the current versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 10+.

    When Should I Use FreeKernelJS?

    • You are looking to learn the basics.
    • You need a tool to kick start your Web project.
    • You want to test standard technologies and learn how to use them.
    • You want to generate a skeleton app that can be extended and used in large projects.
    • You want to produce quickly several different apps, build with different UI packages/libraries.
    • You need a complete modular environment, where you can develop your applications.

    Getting Started

    1. Concept and Terminology: understand the main concept behind FreeKernelJS and learn about its terminology.
    2. Installation: first, you will need to install the environment with only 4 easy steps!
    3. Generate and Manage New Projects: then you can learn how to generate a new Project, how to configure and manage it.


    FreeKernelJS offers a collection of Templates from which you can choose.
    Each Template contains different features and UI libraries, and can be used to generate an App.
    A list of available Templates is specified on this page: Templates.
    In addition, you can enlarge your collection of Templates by Creating a Custom Template yourself.


    Each App that FreeKernelJS generates can use a single Theme.
    You can use the default Theme that comes built-in with the Template you choose, or create your own custom Theme and use it in your application.
    To learn how to do that read Creating a Custom Theme.

    Development Tools

    FreeKernelJS comes with a set of tasks, powered by Grunt, which can be used during development to perform routine operations such as: unit testing, distribution, Sass compilation, etc.
    A list of available tasks and instructions on how to use them can be found on this page: Use Grunt Tasks in Development

    Contributing to This Project

    You are welcome to contribute to this project by adding custom Templates or Themes that can be used by FreeKernelJS. For more details read:
    Creating a Custom Template.
    Creating a Custom Theme
    For general questions and discussions, please refer to the FreeKernelJS Forum.


    This project is under the MIT License.


    Complete historical information about the FreeKernelJS releases, including notes and download links, can be found on the releases page.


    npm i generator-freekerneljs

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