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    🎉 generator-express ⚡️ ⚒

    CircleCI npm version

    For using the generator


    ⭐️ Node(lts) and npm.

    ⭐️ Install yeoman globally using npm i -g yo.

    Run generator

    🏷 Install using npm i -g generator-express-custom-boilerplate

    🏷 Run yo generator-express-custom-boilerplate in the desired folder

    🏷 Answer the questions in prompt or pass options from cli.

    🏷 For help in checking available options use command yo generator-express-custom-boilerplate --help

    Running the project locally


    ⭐️ Node, npm, yeoman(globally installed).

    ⭐️ Yarn npm i -g yarn.


    🏷 Clone the repo.

    🏷 Install dependencies using yarn install.

    🏷 Run the command yarn build(This will compile the typescript code to es5).

    🏷 Run npm link from root directory of project(This will link the generator to yeoman).

    🏷 Switch to any other folder and run yo generator-express-custom-boilerplate

    Feature List

    • Generate Folder.
    • Generate Package.json.
    • Install yarn and babel packages(either one).
    • Generate Babel config(Babel 7).
    • Add babel absolute path resolution module.
    • Nodemon
    • Eslint


    • Editorconfig
    • Docker setup.
    • Options to setup one or more tools
    • Project structure generation.
    • Unit test setup.
    • Optional database setup.
    • express module generation.
    • flow config.
    • setup declarative validations using Joi.
    • Add envs and configs.
    • Add travisci and jenkins.
    • Coveralls integrations.
    • Add Badges.
    • Auto generate README.
    • Setup absolute path generation.
    • Babel plugin configs as per latest es standard.
    • Setup wrapper logger and base error handler.
    • Setup express app loaders and integration test.
    • Setup swagger.
    • Express middlewares and global error handling.
    • Error handling framework, logging framework based on bunyan.
    • Webpack, Parcel.
    • Svgr and other handy cli's
    • pm2 and cluster module for prod
    • generic error handling and service bus
    • Circuit breaker setup


    npm i generator-express-boilerplate

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