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    Small and powerful template engine with only sync and async compile. The mid-level between es6-template and gana-compile.

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    • es6-template - higher level than gana and gana-compile, adds .render and .compile methods. (~1.5-2kb)
    • gana-compile - lower level than gana, which does only synchronous compile. (~1.1kb)
    • gana is just ~1.5kb minified, not gzipped.


    Uses the "bad" new Function thing

    I don't think that's a problem, because other template engines out there also uses some kind of eval and it is used massively, believe. Most of them uses eval, most of them uses with, others of them uses RegExps and etc. They all are with custom non-standard delimiters. They do too much to accomplish same results as gana. They requires too big codebase - and finally what, they still uses some of the "bad" things in JS.
    In other side, gana-compile (which is behind this package) uses only new Function and nothing more. The whole core logic thing is just 3-5 lines of code.

    Biggest names uses "bad" things, too

    Names such verb, update, templates, generate, assemble in our community uses engine / engine-base / engine-cache - engine uses with, new Function and RegExp. Not to mention some of the most famous "real" template engines with features like partials, helpers and etc. You can have partials and helpers here in gana too. The most awesome thing of the engine that is used by verb and assemble is they can have asynchronous helpers - that's awesome, really! But if you will use bad things anyway, the core logic can be done a lot easier, with a lot smaller codebase.

    Tricking magic

    Behind the scenes gana / gana-compile uses ES2015 (ES6) template strings inside the bad new Function which seems to work even in node@0.10 which don't have support for Template Strings! That's strange, but it works and give us that awesome and small codebase without any costs. You just pass normal string 'foo ${bar} and baz' and then { bar: 'bar' } in the returned function.

    Note about standard (>= v8) users

    Recently in standard was added rule that ban usage of ${} in normal '' strings. So be awere of that and add /* eslint-disable no-template-curly-in-string */ comment before your stuff to get things working without problems.


    npm i gana --save


    For more use-cases see the tests

    const gana = require('gana')


    Sync and async compile, using ${} delimiters and ES2015 Template Strings. Workin' on node@0.10 too.


    • <template> {String}: template to compile.
    • [cb] {Function}: optional, function with cb(err, compileFn) signature.
    • returns {Function}: if no cb, returns compileFn that accept object.


    var gana = require('gana')
    var template = 'Hello, ${ucfirst(}! Welcome in our ${place}.'
    var locals = {
      author: {
        name: 'charlike'
      place: 'club',
      ucfirst: function ucfirst (val) {
        return val.charAt(0).toUpperCase() + val.slice(1)
    // sync
    var compileFn = gana(template)
    var result = compileFn(locals)
    // => 'Hello, Charlike! Welcome in our club.'
    // asynchronous
    gana(template, function callback (err, compileFn) {
      if (err) return console.error(err)
      var result = compileFn(locals)
      // => 'Hello, Charlike! Welcome in our club.'



    Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
    But before doing anything, please read the guidelines.

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