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GAE-Static: Hosting on Google Cloud Made Simple

A simple base project starter for static websites on Google AppEngine & Google Cloud Services. See gae-static.appspot.com for full documentation and examples or visit the project page on github.

Installation Instructions and Getting Started

See the project homepage for an overview and absolute primer guide.

Project Highlights of gae-static

  • Host assets (html, css, js, images, etc) anywhere in your site folder structure like normal web hosting
  • Your directory roots serves up index.html files (customizable)
  • Does not require any knowledge of programming languages to get your site up an running
  • Does not require fiddling with the command line to deploy to Google Cloud.
  • Easily develop your website on your own machine and deploy to Google Cloud.
  • Lighting fast and cheap (free?) to host on Google App Engine
  • Easily integrate with Google Cloud Storage for CDN support

Current Limitations (See All)

  • Can not customize error pages (404 and various GAE errors) Issue #3
  • Can not list contents of directories Issue #2
  • Folders without trailing slash do not 301 Redirect Issue #1

Experience other issues? Have requests? Feel free to file a ticket on the github project or contribute a fix.

Sites Utilizing gae-static

If you have a website that utilizes GAE Static, please message (@blainegarrett) and we'll add it to the list.

Contribution Notes

This project was started by Blaine Garrett (website). If you would like to contribute to this project, feel free to make pull requests against it and tag Github user @blainegarrett

Additional Notes and Resources


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