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This command-line tool allows manipulation of static routes on a Fritz!Box via the command line.


In order to install (as a command-line tool), use the following command

npm install fritz-route --global


This tool will create or update a static IPv4 route on your Fritz!Box. You will need to provide the following arguments:

  • user The name of your user of the Fritz!Box. The user has to have the rights to make configuration changes
  • password The password of the user
  • url The URL of your Fritz!Box. For example https://fritz.box
  • network The network for which you want to setup the route. E.g.
  • subnet The subnet mask of the network for which you are setting up the route. E.g.
  • gateway The gateway for your route, e.g.
  • active Whether the route will be active (true) or inactive (false) after running the tool
  • toggle Use this switch instead of active in order to switch the route on or off depending on the current state

You may also provide these arguments to the script in the form of a JSON file, in this case, only provide the following argument to the script:

  • config-file The file from which the other arguments should be parsed from.

FAQ & Disclaimers

Why not use TR-064?

I have tried my use-cases with TR-064 several times but never succeeded, because at some point I would always receive an error. Hence, I wrote this tool in order to realize what I wanted to do. Your mileage may vary, and maybe for other Fritz!Box types or OS versions TR-064 might do the trick after all.

Only tested on Fritz!Box 7490 with FRITZ!OS 07.01

I was only able to test this tool on my own Fritz!Box so far.

Use with caution

Please make sure you know what you are doing. In case of not using this tool correctly, you might lose the connection to your Fritz!Box and have to reset your router in order to regain it.


npm i fritz-route

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