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    Nested Log Trees // Console And Socket Logging is a tool for nested tree logging.
    The nested structure allows for a more varied console.log() usage.
    Replace your console.log() calls with, or use them together.


    ---added file logging


    ---added branch checking of existing flog to prevent circular references

    npm install

    Create new logs by:
    ---with or without a config object
    ---const flog=require('')
    ---let log=new{config object})

    Default Config Object:
    ,readconsole:false -> read console.log() calls
    ,writeconsole:true -> send to console.log()
    ,logfile:false -> save a log file
    ,sockets:[] -> sockets array
    ,emitname:'' -> socket emit event name
    ,parents:[] -> parents array
    ,children:[] -> children array


    Using print():
    ---using a comma between arguments will start a new line
    ---replace the use of console.log() with .print(), .print() will write to the console, send over any sockets, save to a log file, and send to any parents
    ---or use console.log() and declare a with 'readconsole:true' to read the console.log() and automatically send to any log files, sockets, or parent logs

    To use nested tree logging:
    ---.addchild(child) -> add a child log, the child.print() calls will also call the parent.print()
    ---.addparent(parent) -> add a parent log, similar to above
    ---.removechild(child) -> remove a child log
    ---.removeparent(parent) -> remove a parent log
    ---parents/children can also be added at instantiation
    ---Children copy their parents to the child's .print() calls, and those parents will copy their parents to the .print() call, etc
    ---Create any tree structure you like

    Log to file:
    ---use the config setting 'logfile:true'
    ---every new has its own log file
    ---for now logs can be found in the '' module folder

    To enable the socket logging:
    ---.addsocket(socket) -> add a socket to pass print() arguments to using config.emitname
    ---the receiving socket.on(event,args) event by default is 'emitname:'''
    ---sockets can also be added at instantiation


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