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🔥🚰 Firebase Pipedrive

Automagically post new records from a Firebase Cloud Firestore database as Pipedrive CRM leads in real-time using a Node.js script. The script listens to changes to the database using the onSnapshot method and uses the Pipedrive API to add new contacts and leads.

Node CI

Getting started

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Add required repository secrets or keys in the configuration file
  3. Run the Node.js script

⚙️ Configuration

Just adding the environment variables in sufficient to get started, but you additionally configure the name and the avatar of the bot too.

Environment variables

Locally, environment variables are loaded from a .env file.

  • FIREBASE_SERVICE_ACCOUNT_KEY is the Firebase Service Account Key in JSON format
  • FIREBASE_DATABASE_URL is the Firebase Cloud Firestore database URL, e.g., https://example.firebaseio.com
  • API_KEY is the API token from Pipedrive


Run the script using ts-node:

npm run run

Compile TypeScript and run Node.js script:

npm run build && npm run start

📄 License

  • Code: MIT © Koj
  • "Firebase" is a trademark of Google LLC
  • "Pipedrive" is a trademark of Pipedrive Inc.


An open source project by Koj.
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