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    # finger-unlocker 一款web端的手势解锁组件


    finger-unlocker是一款可自由定制样式的手势解锁组件,支持web端移动端使用。 通过npm安装步骤如下

    npm i finger-unlocker
    <!DOCTYPE html>
            <meta charset="utf-8">
            <div id="container"  ></div>
      import FingerUnlocker from 'finger-unlocker';
      new FingerUnlocker({

    参数说明(Parameter description)

    Introduction of Overall Parameters

    prop type required info
    el htmlElement true the container of finger-unlocker
    options object false Option configuration for finger-unlocker, please refer to the parameters of options for details
    styles object false The style sheet of canvas object can configure the style of canvas object itself according to the setting specification of CSS
    point object false Configure the styles of all gesture touch points. Refer to point's specific parameters for details.
    callback object false Callback events for components

    Introduction of options

    prop type required default info
    width number false 600 Canvas transverse physical pixels
    height number false 600 Vertical physical pixels of canvas
    lineWidth number false 20 Width of trajectory
    lineColor string false '#3370CC' Color of Trajectory Line
    passwordType string false 'none' Encryption Type of Password,You can set 'md5','sha1','base64'

    Introduction of point

    prop type required default info
    count number false 3 The number of lattices is the cardinal number multiplied by the cardinal number
    r number false 50 Radius of each circle,Invalid settings when available space is worth exceeding a point
    backgroundColor number false '#22DDDD' Background color of dots
    shadow boolean false Whether to set shadows
    shadowColor string false '#22DDDD' Shadow color
    border boolean false false Whether to set the border
    borderColor string false '#3370CC' Border Color
    centerPointR number false 25' The Radius of the active dot
    centerPointColor string false '#3370CC' The color of the active dot

    Introduction of callback

    prop type required default info
    mouseUp function false function(res){} Callback of mouse button lifting event returns all object information of Finger Unlocker
    touchEnd function false function(res){} Callbacks to finger-lift events return all object information for Finger Unlocker


    npm i finger-unlocker

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