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This is a library that can be used both in the browser and for node.js. It does financial calculations for time, value, money.

In the browser

All you need is the dist/finlib.min.js to run the functions that are available.

The library is implemented through the fin object, and will return the needed data by using methods within. Simply run fin.methodName(arguments) for a return value. You will want to make sure and include all required parameters, or it may git unexpected results.

In node.js

You need to install the plugin either locally or globally.

npm install --save fin-lib

From there, import the library into the desired file.

var fin = require('fin-lib');

From here, you can use the library to run fin.methodName(arguments) to get results back.


Here are a few examples of when you would want to use something like this:

  • What is the present value of an investment with a future value of $1,000,000, with a 20 year investment earning 10% interest? This can be solved using: fin.pv(1000000, 20, .1)
  • How long would it take to double my money with an 8% interest rate? fin.util_doubleMoney(.08)
  • What is the future value of an annuity due with $500 payments, for 10 years earning 4% interest? fin.fv_ad(0.04, 10, 500)


For further documentation of all the different functions that can be called, please refer to the demo site.


npm i fin-lib

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