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    Filepicker javascript client library.


    In order to use filepicker javascript library in your project, you need to include the following script in your HTML:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="//api.filepicker.io/v2/filepicker.js"></script>

    If you want to load the javascript in a non-blocking fashion, you can use this instead:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    (function(a){if(window.filepicker){return}var b=a.createElement("script");b.type="text/javascript";b.async=!0;b.src=("https:"===a.location.protocol?"https:":"http:")+"//api.filepicker.io/v2/filepicker.js";var c=a.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];c.parentNode.insertBefore(b,c);var d={};d._queue=[];var e="pick,pickMultiple,pickAndStore,read,write,writeUrl,export,convert,store,storeUrl,remove,stat,setKey,constructWidget,makeDropPane".split(",");var f=function(a,b){return function(){b.push([a,arguments])}};for(var g=0;g<e.length;g++){d[e[g]]=f(e[g],d._queue)}window.filepicker=d})(document);

    Script above use latest library release. Assets are compressed (gzipped) and served via CDN. You can also link to specific version.

    https://api.filepicker.io/v2/filepicker-2.1.3.js https://api.filepicker.io/v2/filepicker-2.1.3.min.js

    See Changelog

    Filepicker library is avaliable via bower Bower friendly repositorium

    $ bower install filepicker-js --save

    And via npm + browserify

    $ npm install filepicker-js --save

    To use it with browseify place in your code:

    var filepickerLibrary = require('filepicker-js');

    Library provide window.filepicker with methods: setKey, pick, pickFolder, pickMultiple, pickAndStore, read, write, writeUrl, export, processImage, store, storeUrl, stat, metadata, remove, convert, constructWidget, makeDropPane. See detailed docs.

    Next thing to do is setting apikey. If you dont have one - register free account here. Setting key is possible in 2 ways:

    • use filepicker.setKey('yourApiKey') method.
    • as widget attribute data-fp-apikey="yourApiKey"


    Contributing welcomed. First install npm dependencies.

    npm install

    To watch changes and build script run:

    npm run watch

    With jshint:

    npm run watch-linter


    1. When updating version be sure to update it in all files:
    1. Set git tag with current version.

    2. Be sure to update npm package version :

    npm publish
    1. And Bower-friendly version of filepicker-js



    Use ansible script to deploy current version for filepicker.

    source ../vagrant/aws/new && ansible-playbook -i env/production/inventory filepicker_api/deploy_js_library_v2.yml
    • optionally to deploy from branch othter than master
    -e emergency_deploy="yes"
    • optionally not to overwrite edge version
    -e edge_version="no"

    It overwrites filepicker.js with current version. It creates versioned files, eg for v2.4.0:


    source ~/.filepicker/aws_new && ansible-playbook -i env/production filestack_api/build_js.yml

    Its working basically the same. The only diffrents is domain and file name it creates. https://api.filestackapi.com/filestack.js


    npm i filepicker-js

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