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GridGen Link to Figma npm Version

Utilizes built-in Figma rectangles, lines, and texts to generate tables with neatly organized layers.


How to Use:

  • Select one of three constraint modes (keyboard shortcuts added):
    • Cell and table size ("Alt + 1")
    • Count and cell size ("Alt + 2")
    • Count and table size ("Alt + 3")
  • Modify the values in the textbox and the checkboxes
  • "Create" to generate table, or "Cancel" to exit
  • Supports both mouse and keyboard navigations:
    • "Tab" to go to next input
    • "Shift + Tab" to go to previous input
    • "Arrow" keys on textboxes to increase/decrease by 1
    • "Shift + Arrow" keys on textboxes to increaes/decrease by 10
    • "Enter" on checkboxes to toggle
    • "Enter" on buttons to click
    • "Shift + R" to reset input to cached values, if any
    • "Shift + C" to initiate table creation
    • Shortcuts to switch between constraint modes (see above)

Current Capabilites:

  • Supports up to 100 rows and columns
  • Supports table up to 5000px by 5000px (width by height)
  • Supports 3 constraint modes (with keyboard shortcuts)
    • Cell and table size
    • Count and cell size
    • Count and table size
  • Enhanced UI experience with validations and loader
  • With/without headers, and ability to specify header height
  • When header is included, specify with/without floating filters
  • Supports striped tables
  • Ability to select both primary and striped colors of the table
  • With/without borders, and ability to define border color
  • Automated population of content and header texts
  • Specify fonts family and style based on list of installed fonts
  • Specify table and header font sizes
  • Caching and preloading of last input
  • Resetting to last cached input upon changes




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