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    extendscript-logger provides file logging functionality to Adobe applications that can use ExtendScript.


    Simply install it like any other npm package.

    npm install extendscript-logger

    Add the following code to any ExtendScript (*.jsx) file you want to have a Logger instance available.

    var Global = Global || {};
    Global.rootPath = new File($.fileName).parent;
    $.evalFile(Global.rootPath + '/node_modules/extendscript-logger/index.jsx');
    Global.logger = new Logger(Global.rootPath+'/log/test.log', 'DEBUG');


    Logger provides the following methods for logging output.

    Global.logger.debug('Debug message');
    Global.logger.info([1, "Random string"]);
    Global.logger.warn("Danger, Will Robinson!");
    Global.logger.error("Crap! Something went wrong.");
    Global.logger.critical("DEFCON 1! Seek shelter.");


    npm test or test/run.

    Output should look like:

    me@host extendscript-logger|master$ test/run
    2020-03-03T11:44:00|INFO|Jasmine ExtendScript Runner
    2020-03-03T11:44:00|WARN|To prevent odd errors, usually methods not being defined, login into Adobe Creative Cloud and verify all modal dialog boxes are closed. If tests are not running as expected, try restarting the application.
    2020-03-03T11:44:00|INFO|Loading all specs in /Users/spyle/projects/extendscript-logger/test/spec
    2020-03-03T11:44:49|INFO|20 specs, 0 failures
    2020-03-03T11:44:49|INFO|Finished in 0.469 seconds

    NPM Release Tasks

    1. Update package.json version number
    2. npm install to update package lock.
    3. Ensure tests pass.
    4. Update CHANGELOG.md with changes since last release.
    5. Check them all into the repository.
    6. git tag -a <version> -m <version>; git push --tags
    7. npm publish to deploy the release to npm.

    jasminejsx Cyclical Dependency

    When making changes to jasminejsx and extendscript-logger that depend on each others (e.g. global variables, libraries), publishing new versions can be tricky. Here is the easiest way I've found to do this:

    1. Clone both repositories to your projects directory.
    2. Remove existing node_modules/extendscript-logger and node_modules/jasminejsx directories.
    3. Symlink the those to the cloned versions:
      cd node_modules
      ln -s ../../jasminejsx
      ln -s ../.. extendscript-logger
    4. Make changes to the cloned repositories.
    5. Ensure tests pass in both repositories.
    6. Release extendscript-logger first (e.g. 0.1.0). Since jasminejsx is a devDependency, it shouldn't break upstream packages. See NPM Release Tasks above.
    7. Release jasminejsx with the new version of extendscript-logger (e.g. 0.2.0). This should be done second as extendscript-logger is a dependency and required to have a working version.
    8. Release a patched version of extendscript-logger with the new version of jasminejsx (e.g. 0.1.1).


    npm i extendscript-logger

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