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    Express middleware to assist with file upload CRUD (uploads, listing, reading and deletion).

    var emu = require('express-middleware-upload');
    var express = require('express');
    var app = express();
    app.use('/api/files/:path?', emu({
        path: '/my/storage/path',

    By default "EMU" will expose an unloader at the specified end-point as well as the ability to list, read and delete files. In the above example the following URL methods will upload, list, read and delete files:

    Method URL Payload / Headers Description
    POST /api/files Multipart file(s) Upload a file / files to the API end-point
    GET /api/files List all uploads at the end-point
    GET /api/file/FILENAME Read a specific filename at the end-point
    DELETE /api/file/FILENAME Delete a specific filename at the end-point
    MOVE /api/file/FILENAME headers.destination Rename a file


    The base usage of 'EMU' is to attach it to an Express end-point and give it a configuration object.

    app.use('/api/files/:path?', emu(configOptions));

    The following table lists the valid configuration options. The only mandatory setting is path, all other settings are optional.

    Option Type Default Description
    path String or Function Mandatory path of where to store uploaded files. If this is a function it is called as func(req, res, next) and is expected to fire the callback as func(err, computedPath)
    basePath String Prefix automatically prepended onto options.path (this is separate so it can be set globally to your application root via emu.defaults.basePath)
    errorHandler Function How to output errors. This should be a function called as (req, res, statusCode, message)
    escape Boolean true Automatically escape all filenames so they are URL safe
    postPath String 'upload' How to name the uploaded file. 'upload' = Use the uploaded filename appended to options.path, 'param' = Use the path specified in req.params.path (implies options.limit=1), 'dir' = Use the path as the directory to store the file in and the filename from the uploaded filename
    field String 'file' What the multi-part field name is (if falsy, all fields will be accepted - this is not recommended)
    expect Number 0 The minimum number of files to expect, set to 0 for no minimum
    limit Number 0 The maximum number of files to accept, set to 0 for no maximum
    list Function, Array, String, Boolean Middleware(s) to run before listing files at a given path. See below for comments.
    get Function, Array, String, Boolean Middleware(s) to run before reading a specific file. See below for comments.
    post Function, Array, String, Boolean Middleware(s) to run before accepting an file upload. See below for comments.
    delete Function, Array, String, Boolean false Middleware(s) to run before deleting a file. See below for comments.
    move Function, Array, String, Boolean false Middleware(s) to run before allowing a file to be renamed. See below for comments.
    postProcess Function, Array Middleware(s) to run after accepting a file upload, this can override the output by calling res.send() manually. req.files will also have an storagePath property which will indicate where on disk the file was saved by EMU


    The list, get, post and delete options can all accept either a function, an array of functions, a string or a boolean.

    • If the value is a function it is executed as a regular Express middleware (called as func(req, res, next)).
    • If the value is an array the functions are executed in order specified (each called as func(req, res, next)).
    • If the value is a string its functionality is determined by another option. E.g. setting list: 'post' property instructs EMU to use the same middleware specified in post.
    • If the value is a boolean it is used to universally enable or reject the method. Setting the value to true will allow the method (the default anyway) and setting it to false will disable it entirely.
    app.use('/api/files/:path?', emu({
        post: function(req, res, next) { // Only allow the 'post' method if the user is valid (this assumes something like Passport to provide the `req.user` object)
            if (!req.user) return res.sendStatus(403);
        list: 'post', // Copy the same middleware from 'post'
        get: 'post', 
        delete: false, // Forbid all deletes
        move: false, // Forbid all renames


    • The API uses req.params.path to match the file that operations should be performed on. This means you must have that in your file query. So this is right: app.use('/api/somewhere/:path', ...) but this wont work: app.use('/api/somewhere/:file', ...)


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