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A small Event Manager library written in ES6. It doesn't do anything more than what it's supposed to.


In the immortal words of XKCD:



Install with npm install evnt and include it in your project. It works with both Node and the browser. Use any one of the following styles, depending on what you're doing:

// ES5 Style
var evnt = require('evnt').default

// ES6 Style
import evnt from 'evnt'

// As a script
<script src="path/to/scripts/evnt.js" />

You can then create as many instances of it as you please, each one is independent from the others:

let EventManager = new evnt()

Registering and unregistering event handlers

Any time you want to register an event, you simply need to call the .on method on the evnt instance:

let sum = (a, b) => a + b
EventManager.on('my-event', sum)

If you grow tired of a single event handler, you can .off it just as easily, provided you have a reference to the original function:

EventManager.off('my-event', sum)

You can also unregister all event handlers from an event:


Firing events

Any time you want to trigger an event, just .fire it. You can, optionally, pass some arguments along, they will be forwarded to your handlers. The result of every event handler will be stored in an array, which will be returned by the .fire method. Handlers will be called in the order they were registered:

let sum = (a, b) => a + b
let multiply = (a, b) => a * b

EventManager.on('my-event', sum)
EventManager.on('my-event', multiply)

let results = EventManager.fire('my-event', 4, 5)
// => [9, 20]


Clone the repository, run npm install, hack away and add your tests. Run npm test to check that everything is good, and then build with npm run build-dist. If you want a non minified bundled version with source maps, run npm run build-dev, it will be placed in the dev directory.

Pull requests and issues are welcome!




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