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    This package is based on event-target-shim. Although the original package contains an ES5 bundle, it did not contains an ES5 module. Importing the module directly or indirectly may break web apps running on ES5 browsers.

    On install, this package will transpile your version of event-target-shim to make it compatible with ES5 browsers.

    Package authors should consider importing this package instead of event-target-shim, so your packages will not break your users due to having event-target-shim as a transient dependency.

    How to use

    To install in your project, run:

    npm install event-target-shim event-target-shim-es5

    In your code:

    import EventTarget, { defineEventAttribute } from 'event-target-shim-es5';
    class YourComponent extends EventTarget {
      handleClick() {
        this.dispatchEvent(new Event('click'));
    defineEventAttribute(YourComponent.prototype, 'click');

    How it works

    On postinstall, this package will run Babel and Webpack to transpile event-target-shim into a single file.

    This package peer-depends on event-target-shim. Thus, you can select your own version of event-target-shim.

    Updating event-target-shim

    When you update event-target-shim, re-run npm install event-target-shim-es5 to get the latest package transpiled.


    Instead of importing this package, there are alternative workarounds you can use.

    Including the source code

    You can copy the source code of event-target-shim into your web app and use your build pipeline transpile the original package.

    When copying, be sure to include the original license and continue to depends on the package to make sure npm audit will scan for vulnerabilities.

    Modify your bundler configuration

    Webpack do not transpile code under /node_modules/ unless specified explicitly. You can modify webpack.config.js to include /node_modules/event-target-shim/ and use babel-loader to transpile it on-the-fly.


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