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    eth-trezor-keyring CircleCI

    An implementation of MetaMask's Keyring interface, that uses a TREZOR hardware wallet for all cryptographic operations.

    In most regards, it works in the same way as eth-hd-keyring, but using a TREZOR device. However there are a number of differences:

    • Because the keys are stored in the device, operations that rely on the device will fail if there is no TREZOR device attached, or a different TREZOR device is attached.
    • It does not support the signMessage, signTypedData or exportAccount methods, because TREZOR devices do not support these operations.
    • The method signPersonalMessage requires the firmware version 2.0.7+ for TREZOR Model T and 1.6.2+ on TREZOR ONE


    In addition to all the known methods from the Keyring class protocol, there are a few others:

    • isUnlocked : Returns true if we have the public key in memory, which allows to generate the list of accounts at any time

    • unlock : Connects to the TREZOR device and exports the extended public key, which is later used to read the available ethereum addresses inside the trezor account.

    • setAccountToUnlock : the index of the account that you want to unlock in order to use with the signTransaction and signPersonalMessage methods

    • getFirstPage : returns the first ordered set of accounts from the TREZOR account

    • getNextPage : returns the next ordered set of accounts from the TREZOR account based on the current page

    • getPreviousPage : returns the previous ordered set of accounts from the TREZOR account based on the current page

    • forgetDevice : removes all the device info from memory so the next interaction with the keyring will prompt the user to connect the TREZOR device and export the account information


    Run the following command:

    yarn test


    This code was inspired by eth-ledger-keyring and eth-hd-keyring


    npm i eth-trezor-keyring

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