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    Esper Genesis 5th Edition character sheets created in ReactJS.

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    ReactJS components that render Esper Genesis character sheets, namely a character stats sheet, character traits sheet and esper talents sheet.

    Visit to see these components in use.

    The attributes in the example can be populated on the web page and outputs to print nicely, so you can populate some attributes on the page and print the sheet. Characters can also be exported to a json file and imported from a json file.


    npm install --save espergen-character-sheets


    import React, { Component } from 'react'
    import EsperGenCharacterStatsSheet from 'espergen-character-sheets'
    import 'espergen-character-sheets/dist/index.css'
    class Example extends Component {
      render() {
        return <EsperGenCharacterStatsSheet />

    EsperGenCharacterStatsSheet renders a stats sheet.

    EsperGenCharacterTraitsSheet renders a character traits sheet.

    EsperGenCharacterTalentsSheet renders a esper talents sheet.


    Each component accepts the same props.

    Each component can be controlled or uncontrolled. Either character and onCharacterChanged should be specified (controlled), or defaultCharacter should be specified.

    Property Type Description
    defaultCharacter EsperGenCharacter An instance of the EsperGenCharacter class. If character is not set the sheet will initialize with the values specified here.
    character EsperGenCharacter An instance of the EsperGenCharacter class. If set the sheet will always use the values specified here.
    updateCharacter func (character: EsperGenCharacter) Called whenever a value in a sheet is changed. A modified EsperGenCharacter object is returned.

    EsperGenCharacter Class

    The EsperGenCharacter class holds the attributes of a character. The attributes are shown below.

      name?: string
      level?: string
      class?: string
      playerName?: string
      race?: string
      background?: string
      xp?: string
      nextXp?: string
      campaign?: string
      corpsSerialNumber?: string
      gender?: string
      size?: string
      age?: string
      height?: string
      weight?: string
      eyes?: string
      skin?: string
      hair?: string
      alignment?: string
      str?: string
      dex?: string
      con?: string
      int?: string
      wis?: string
      cha?: string
      inspiration?: string
      proficiencyBonus?: string
      strSave?: string
      dexSave?: string
      conSave?: string
      intSave?: string
      wisSave?: string
      chaSave?: string
      skillAcrobatics?: string
      skillAcrobaticsChecked?: boolean
      skillAstrophysics?: string
      skillAstrophysicsChecked?: boolean
      skillAthletics?: string
      skillAthleticsChecked?: boolean
      skillComputers?: string
      skillComputersChecked?: boolean
      skillDeception?: string
      skillDeceptionChecked?: boolean
      skillInsight?: string
      skillInsightChecked?: boolean
      skillIntimidation?: string
      skillIntimidationChecked?: boolean
      skillInvestigation?: string
      skillInvestigationChecked?: boolean
      skillLore?: string
      skillLoreChecked?: boolean
      skillMechanics?: string
      skillMechanicsChecked?: boolean
      skillMedicine?: string
      skillMedicineChecked?: boolean
      skillPerception?: string
      skillPerceptionChecked?: boolean
      skillPerformance?: string
      skillPerformanceChecked?: boolean
      skillPersuasion?: string
      skillPersuasionChecked?: boolean
      skillSlightOfHand?: string
      skillSlightOfHandChecked?: boolean
      skillStealth?: string
      skillStealthChecked?: boolean
      skillSurvival?: string
      skillSurvivalChecked?: boolean
      skillXenobiology?: string
      skillXenobiologyChecked?: boolean
      passivePerception?: string
      senses?: string
      burstDc?: string
      burstSave?: string
      abilitySave1Mod?: string
      abilitySave1Dc?: string
      abilitySave2Mod?: string
      abilitySave2Dc?: string
      savingThrowAdvs?: string
      specialFeatures?: any
      init?: string
      initDex?: string
      initMisc?: string
      speed?: string
      encumbered?: string
      ac?: string
      acBonus?: string
      acBonusText?: string
      acShieldBonus?: string
      acShieldBonusText?: string
      acDexMod?: string
      acMediumArmour?: string
      acHeavyArmour?: string
      acStealthDisAdv?: string
      acPowerModifier?: string
      acPowerModifierText?: string
      acItemModifier?: string
      acItemModifierText?: string
      acMiscBonus?: string
      acMiscBonusText?: string
      maxHp?: string
      wounds?: string
      tempHp?: string
      resistances?: string
      hitDice1Lvl?: string
      hitDice1Type?: string
      hitDice1Con?: string
      hitDice1Used?: string
      hitDice2Lvl?: string
      hitDice2Type?: string
      hitDice2Con?: string
      hitDice2Used?: string
      hitDice3Lvl?: string
      hitDice3Type?: string
      hitDice3Con?: string
      hitDice3Used?: string
      deathsaveSuccesses?: number
      deathsaveFailures?: number
      attacks?: any[]
      attacksPerAction?: string
      actions?: string
      bonusActions?: string
      reactions?: string
      racialFeatures?: string
      classFeatures?: string
      backgroundFeature?: string
      personalityTraits?: string
      ideals?: string
      bonds?: string
      flaws?: string
      feat1?: string
      feat2?: string
      feat3?: string
      feat4?: string
      profArmourLight?: boolean
      profArmourMedium?: boolean
      profArmourHeavy?: boolean
      profArmourShield?: boolean
      profWeaponSimple?: boolean
      profWeaponMartial?: boolean
      profWeaponOther?: boolean
      profWeaponOtherText?: string
      language1?: string
      language2?: string
      language3?: string
      language4?: string
      language5?: string
      language6?: string
      tool1?: string
      tool2?: string
      tool3?: string
      tool4?: string
      tool5?: string
      tool6?: string
      cu?: string
      lifestyle?: string
      dailyExpenses?: string
      gear1?: any
      gear2?: any
      otherValuables?: any
      vehicles?: any
      totalWeight?: string
      heavyEncumbered?: string
      pushLift?: string
      forgingAbility?: string
      esperAttackModifier?: string
      esperPowerDc?: string
      maxTp?: string
      remainingTp?: string
      techniquesPrepared?: string
      techniqueSlots?: any
      techniqueSlotsUsed?: any
      primeTalents?: any[]
      lvl1TalentSlotsTotal?: string
      lvl1TalentSlotsUsed?: number
      lvl1Talents?: any[]
      lvl2TalentSlotsTotal?: string
      lvl2TalentSlotsUsed?: number
      lvl2Talents?: any[]
      lvl3TalentSlotsTotal?: string
      lvl3TalentSlotsUsed?: number
      lvl3Talents?: any[]
      lvl4TalentSlotsTotal?: string
      lvl4TalentSlotsUsed?: number
      lvl4Talents?: any[]
      lvl5TalentSlotsTotal?: string
      lvl5TalentSlotsUsed?: number
      lvl5Talents?: any[]
      lvl6TalentSlotsTotal?: string
      lvl6TalentSlotsUsed?: number
      lvl6Talents?: any[]
      lvl7TalentSlotsTotal?: string
      lvl7TalentSlotsUsed?: number
      lvl7Talents?: any[]
      lvl8TalentSlotsTotal?: string
      lvl8TalentSlotsUsed?: number
      lvl8Talents?: any[]
      lvl9TalentSlotsTotal?: string
      lvl9TalentSlotsUsed?: number
      lvl9Talents?: any[]


    MIT © Daryl Buckle 2020


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