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    Enforce code conventions for RequireJS modules with ESLint.

    This plugin is under active development, and is updated frequently. Take a look at the CHANGELOG to see what's recently been added or fixed.


    Install ESLint either locally or globally, and then install the plugin (see below). It is important to note that a global instance of ESLint can only use plugins that are also installed globally. A local instance of ESLint, however, can make use of both local and global ESLint plugins.

    Global Installation

    $ npm install -g eslint
    $ npm install -g eslint-plugin-requirejs

    Local Installation

    $ npm install --save-dev eslint
    $ npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-requirejs

    Installing Older Versions

    Please note: this plugin requires Node 6.x or greater and ESLint version 3.x or greater. If you need to use it with an older version of Node or ESLint, you may install a specific, previous version of the plugin:

    $ npm install --save-dev eslint-plugin-requirejs@3.2.0


    Add the plugins section to your config file if not already present and specify eslint-plugin-requirejs as a plugin. The eslint-plugin- prefix may be omitted:

      "plugins": [

    Enable the rules that you would like to use, for example:

      "rules": {
        "requirejs/no-invalid-define": 2,
        "requirejs/no-multiple-define": 2,
        "requirejs/no-named-define": 2,
        "requirejs/no-commonjs-wrapper": 2,
        "requirejs/no-object-define": 1

    Bundled Config

    This plugin provides the plugin:requirejs/recommended preset config. Which does the following:

    • Enables the amd environment
    • Enables all recommended rules, indicated with a icon in the table below

    List of supported rules

    No rules are enabled by default. The "extends": "plugin:requirejs/recommended" property in a configuration file enables the marked with a .

    The --fix option on the command line automatically fixes problems reported by rules marked by a 🔧.

    Possible Errors

    These rules relate to possible syntax or logic errors in your module definition:

    Rule Description
    no-invalid-define Disallow invalid module definitions
    no-invalid-require Disallow invalid require or requirejs calls
    no-multiple-define Disallow multiple module definitions in one file
    no-assign-exports Disallow assignment to exports when using Simplified CommonJS Wrapper
    no-js-extension Disallow .js extension in dependency paths

    Stylistic Choices

    These rules relate to style guidelines, and are therefore quite subjective:

    Rule Description
    no-object-define Disallow Simple Name/Value Pairs form of define
    no-function-define Disallow Simple Function form of define
    no-amd-define Disallow AMD (dependency array) form of define
    no-named-define Disallow named module form of define
    no-commonjs-wrapper Disallow use of Simplified CommonJS Wrapper
    no-commonjs-return Disallow use of return statement in a module definition when using Simplified CommonJS Wrapper
    no-commonjs-exports Disallow use of exports in a module definition when using Simplified CommonJS Wrapper
    no-commonjs-module-exports Disallow use of module.exports in a module definition when using Simplified CommonJS Wrapper
    no-dynamic-require Disallow use of dynamically generated paths in a require call
    no-conditional-require Disallow use of conditional require calls
    no-assign-require Disallow assignment to require or window.require
    no-require-tourl Disallow use of require.toUrl and require.nameToUrl
    enforce-define Require that all files be wrapped in a define call
    🔧 one-dependency-per-line Enforce line-break rules for AMD dependencies
    amd-function-arity Ensure AMD callbacks have correct number of parameters
    sort-amd-paths Ensure that required paths are in alphabetical order
    no-restricted-amd-modules Disallow specific amd modules

    Don't see the rule you're looking for?

    Take a look at what's in progress for the next milestone, or suggest a new rule by filing an issue.


    Contributions are encouraged. There are a few ways you can help:

    • Filing issues - if you find a bug or would like to request a new rule or enhancement, file an issue
    • Submitting pull requests - pick one of the open issues to work on and submit a pull request


    eslint-plugin-requirejs is licensed under the MIT License.


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