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eslint-plugin-eslint-plugin Build Status

An ESLint plugin for linting ESLint plugins


You'll first need to install ESLint:

$ npm i eslint --save-dev

Next, install eslint-plugin-eslint-plugin:

$ npm install eslint-plugin-eslint-plugin --save-dev

Note: If you installed ESLint globally (using the -g flag) then you must also install eslint-plugin-eslint-plugin globally.


Add eslint-plugin to the plugins section of your .eslintrc configuration file. You can omit the eslint-plugin- prefix:

    "plugins": [

Then configure the rules you want to use under the rules section.

    "rules": {
        "eslint-plugin/no-deprecated-report-api": "error"

Supported Rules

✔️ indicates that a rule is recommended for all users. 🛠 indicates that a rule is fixable.

Name ✔️ 🛠 Description
consistent-output enforce consistent use of output assertions in rule tests
fixer-return ✔️ require fixer function to always return a value.
meta-property-ordering 🛠 enforce the order of meta properties
no-deprecated-context-methods 🛠 disallow usage of deprecated methods on rule context objects
no-deprecated-report-api ✔️ 🛠 disallow use of the deprecated context.report() API
no-identical-tests ✔️ 🛠 disallow identical tests
no-missing-placeholders ✔️ disallow missing placeholders in rule report messages
no-unused-placeholders ✔️ disallow unused placeholders in rule report messages
no-useless-token-range ✔️ 🛠 disallow unnecessary calls to sourceCode.getFirstToken and sourceCode.getLastToken
prefer-object-rule 🛠 disallow rule exports where the export is a function.
prefer-output-null 🛠 disallow invalid RuleTester test cases with the output the same as the code.
prefer-placeholders disallow template literals as report messages
prefer-replace-text require using replaceText instead of replaceTextRange.
report-message-format enforce a consistent format for rule report messages
require-meta-docs-description require rules to implement a meta.docs.description property with the correct format
require-meta-docs-url 🛠 require rules to implement a meta.docs.url property
require-meta-fixable ✔️ require rules to implement a meta.fixable property
require-meta-schema 🛠 require rules to implement a meta.schema property
require-meta-type require rules to implement a meta.type property
test-case-property-ordering 🛠 require the properties of a test case to be placed in a consistent order
test-case-shorthand-strings 🛠 enforce consistent usage of shorthand strings for test cases with no options

Supported Presets

Presets are enabled by adding a line to the extends list in your config file. For example, to enable the recommended preset, use:

    "extends": [
  • recommended enables all recommended rules from this plugin.

  • rules-recommended enables all recommended rules that are aimed at linting ESLint rule files.

  • tests-recommended enables all recommended rules that are aimed at linting ESLint test files.

  • all enables all rules in this plugin.

  • rules enables all rules that are aimed at linting ESLint rule files.

  • tests enables all rules that are aimed at linting ESLint test files.

The list of recommended rules will only change in a major release of this plugin. However, new non-recommended rules might be added in a minor release of this plugin. Therefore, the using the all, rules, and tests presets is not recommended for production use, because the addition of new rules in a minor release could break your build.


npm i eslint-plugin-eslint-plugin

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