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    Custom eslint formatter whose only output is file content after running fixes. This formatter is intended for use with eslint's --fix-dry-run flag which emits fixed file content in the command output instead of modifying files in place.

    If you run eslint on a file that it is configured to ignore then this formatter will produce no output.

    This formatter works best when eslint is applied to one file at a time. If you fix multiple files at a time then file contents in stdout will be separated by null characters (\0).

    Install with,

    $ yarn add --dev eslint-formatter-fix-dry-run


    Running eslint --fix is ever so handy. You can use that command to apply formatting with prettier if you have the prettier plugin set up, and to fix other problems at the same time.

    But sometimes you don't want to modify files in place. For example if you want to use git-format-staged to fix files in a pre-commit hook it's important that the eslint command sends fixed file content to stdout. Eslint has a --fix-dry-run option that almost does this, but you need to use a custom formatter to read fixed output. The stock json formatter works, but to get fixed file content you need to pipe output to jq or another program that can parse JSON. That makes writing fixing scripts tricky if you don't want to assume that users will have jq installed.

    Eslint-formatter-fix-dry-run outputs fixed file content to stdout, and nothing else, so you don't need any extra processing.


    npm i eslint-formatter-fix-dry-run

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