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    This tool allows additional control over the fixes that ESLint makes to your code. It uses the ESLint that you've installed in your project (>=4.2.0), and allows you to specify exactly which rules to fix.

    ESLint can save a lot of drudgery by automatically fixing your code to meet the guidelines that you've told it to enforce. But, by using the built-in eslint --fix command, your code can undergo drastic changes, especially if you have recently introduced ESLint or added more rules that are failing. Sometimes, it's better to fix a single rule or a small set of rules at a time, resulting in smaller, more focused commits. That is exactly what you can do with eslint-filtered-fix.


    npm install --save-dev eslint-filtered-fix


    yarn add --dev eslint-filtered-fix

    Also ensure that you have a version of ESLint which is 4.2.0 or newer.


    Add as an npm script, or run it directly with yarn:

    yarn eslint-filtered-fix <filename or dir>

    If you do not add any other options, all fixes will be applied, as if you had run eslint --fix on the files you specified.



    Only apply fixes for the rule(s) specified. You can specify multiple rules by adding more than one --rule, or using an array --rule [semi,newline-after-var]. (Notice that spaces in the array are not allowed.)


    If you do not want lint warnings to be autofixed, use the --no-warnings flag. With that flag, only errors will be fixed.


    If you do not want lint warnings to be autofixed, use the --no-warnings flag. With that flag, only errors will be fixed.


    If your javascript files have an extension other than .js, you can use the --ext flag to specify which extensions to examine. For example, this will fix the semi rule in all files within the lib directory ending in .jsx or .js:

    eslint-filtered-fix lib/ --ext .jsx,.js --rule semi


    You are not limited to directory and file names as arguments, you can also specify a glob pattern. For example, to examine all .jsx files in "test/" directories within "lib/":

    eslint-filtered-fix lib/**/test/**/*.jsx --rule semi


    This module does not make any decisions about which ESLint rules to run. Make sure your project has a valid ESLint config file.


    npm i eslint-filtered-fix

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