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    NiceStyle - Eslint config

    A proposal of style and rules for javascript. This config is midly strict and you can overwrite or add rule if you want.


    npm install eslint-config-nicestyle


    In your eslintrc.js:

        extends: "nicestyle",
        rules: {
            // you can overwrite rules here

    The package contains a .eslintrc.json file with all the rules so you can also modify it to create your own eslint configuration.


    Possible Errors

    Rule Error Options
    no-cond-assign error always
    no-console error
    no-constant-condition error
    no-control-regex error
    no-debugger warn
    no-dupe-args error
    no-dupe-keys error
    no-duplicate-case error
    no-empty error
    no-empty-character-class error
    no-ex-assign error
    no-extra-boolean-cast error
    no-extra-parens error
    no-extra-semi error
    no-func-assign error
    no-inner-declarations error
    no-invalid-regexp error
    no-irregular-whitespace error
    no-negated-in-lhs error
    no-obj-calls error
    no-prototype-builtins error
    no-regex-spaces error
    no-sparse-arrays error
    no-unexpected-multiline error
    no-unreachable error
    no-unsafe-finally error
    use-isnan error
    valid-jsdoc off
    valid-typeof error

    Best Practices

    Rule Error Options
    accessor-pairs error
    array-callback-return error
    block-scoped-var error
    complexity error 30
    consistent-return error
    curly error all
    default-case error
    dot-location off
    dot-notation error
    eqeqeq error always
    guard-for-in warn
    no-alert error
    no-caller error
    no-case-declarations error
    no-div-regex error
    no-else-return error
    no-empty-function error
    no-empty-pattern error
    no-eq-null error
    no-eval error
    no-extend-native error
    no-extra-bind error
    no-extra-label error
    no-fallthrough error
    no-floating-decimal error
    no-implicit-coercion error
    no-implicit-globals error
    no-implied-eval error
    no-invalid-this error
    no-iterator error
    no-labels error
    no-lone-blocks error
    no-loop-func error
    no-magic-numbers off
    no-multi-spaces error
    no-multi-str error
    no-native-reassign error
    no-new error
    no-new-func error
    no-new-wrappers error
    no-octal error
    no-octal-escape error
    no-param-reassign error
    no-proto error
    no-redeclare error
    no-return-assign error
    no-script-url error
    no-self-assign error
    no-self-compare error
    no-sequences error
    no-throw-literal error
    no-unmodified-loop-condition error
    no-unused-expressions error
    no-unused-labels error
    no-useless-call error
    no-useless-concat error
    no-useless-escape error
    no-void error
    no-warning-comments warn
    no-with error
    radix error
    vars-on-top error
    wrap-iife error
    yoda error never


    Rule Error Options
    strict off safe


    Rule Error Options
    init-declarations off never
    no-catch-shadow error
    no-delete-var error
    no-label-var error
    no-restricted-globals error
    no-shadow error
    no-shadow-restricted-names error
    no-undef error
    no-undef-init error
    no-undefined error
    no-unused-vars error
    no-use-before-define error

    Node.js and CommonJS

    Rule Error Options
    callback-return error
    global-require error
    handle-callback-err error
    no-mixed-requires error
    no-new-require error
    no-path-concat error
    no-process-env error
    no-process-exit error
    no-restricted-modules error
    no-sync error

    Stylistic Issues

    Rule Error Options
    array-bracket-spacing error never
    block-spacing error never
    brace-style error 1tbs
    camelcase error
    comma-dangle error never
    comma-spacing error { "before": false, "after": true }
    comma-style error last
    computed-property-spacing error never
    consistent-this error
    eol-last error
    func-names error always
    func-style error expression
    id-blacklist error err
    id-length error {"min": 1, "max": 30}
    id-match error
    indent error
    jsx-quotes error
    key-spacing error
    keyword-spacing error
    linebreak-style error
    lines-around-comment error
    max-depth error
    max-len error
    max-lines error
    max-nested-callbacks error
    max-params error
    max-statements error
    max-statements-per-line error
    new-cap error
    new-parens error
    newline-after-var error
    newline-before-return error
    newline-per-chained-call error
    no-array-constructor error
    no-bitwise error
    no-continue error
    no-inline-comments error
    no-lonely-if error
    no-mixed-operators error
    no-mixed-spaces-and-tabs error
    no-multiple-empty-lines error
    no-negated-condition error
    no-nested-ternary error
    no-new-object error
    no-plusplus error
    no-restricted-syntax error
    no-spaced-func error
    no-ternary error
    no-trailing-spaces error
    no-underscore-dangle error
    no-unneeded-ternary error
    no-whitespace-before-property error
    object-curly-newline error
    object-curly-spacing error
    object-property-newline error
    one-var error
    one-var-declaration-per-line error
    operator-assignment error
    operator-linebreak error
    padded-blocks error
    quote-props error
    quotes error
    require-jsdoc error
    semi error
    semi-spacing error
    sort-vars error
    space-before-blocks error
    space-before-function-paren error
    space-in-parens error
    space-infix-ops error
    space-unary-ops error
    spaced-comment error
    unicode-bom error
    wrap-regex error

    ECMAScript 6

    Rule Error Options
    arrow-body-style warn "as-needed", { "requireReturnForObjectLiteral": true }
    arrow-parens error as-needed
    arrow-spacing error { "before": true, "after": true }
    constructor-super error
    generator-star-spacing error {"before": true, "after": true}
    no-class-assign error
    no-confusing-arrow error
    no-const-assign error
    no-dupe-class-members error
    no-duplicate-imports error
    no-new-symbol error
    no-restricted-imports error
    no-this-before-super error
    no-useless-computed-key error
    no-useless-constructor error
    no-useless-rename error
    no-var error
    object-shorthand error
    prefer-arrow-callback error
    prefer-const off
    prefer-reflect error
    prefer-rest-params error
    prefer-spread error
    prefer-template error
    require-yield error
    rest-spread-spacing error never
    sort-imports error {"ignoreCase": false,"ignoreMemberSort": false,"memberSyntaxSortOrder": ["none", "all", "multiple", "single"]}
    template-curly-spacing error
    yield-star-spacing error {"before": true, "after": false}


    npm i eslint-config-nicestyle

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