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Common coding conventions for ensuring consistent style across Flowics JavaScript projects


eslint-config-flowics exports several configuration, that can be combined with each other:

  • lib/base: Rules only from eslint (no plugins). Several style rules & best practices
  • lib/promises: requires eslint-plugin-promise plugin. Promises checks & best practices
  • lib/react: requires eslint-plugin-react plugin. React checks & best practices
  • lib/flowtype: requires eslint-plugin-flowtype plugin. Flowtype checks & best practices
  • lib/imports: requires eslint-plugin-import plugin. Checks imports. Allows to detect if you are importing a symbol that is no exported in the source module. USE IT!
  • lib/tests: Use it to override lib/base to loosen up some rules in tests, and enable env jest & mocha.

To use them, just configure your .eslintrc.json as:

  "parser": "babel-eslint",
  "extends": [

Just combine the ones you are interested in.

Old Usage

The old way of using this config is still available (for now), but not recommend.

You have a few presets that include several of the mentioned configs.

  • lib/frontend: Composes base,promises,flowtype,imports,react & adds env: browser
  • lib/backend: Composes base,promises,flowtype,imports,react & adds env: node

Don't use them, it's better to compose the config on your own, so you only add the traits your project uses. (maybe you are not using flowtype or react, or don't care about promises rules)


Install eslint, the config, and the required plugins

yarn add --dev eslint babel-eslint eslint-config-flowics eslint-config-prettier

Optionally, if you use the imports config, also do:

yarn add --dev eslint-plugin-import

Optionally, if you use the react config, also do:

yarn add --dev eslint-plugin-react

Optionally, if you use the promise config, also do:

yarn add --dev eslint-plugin-promise

Optionally, if you use the flowtype config, also do:

yarn add --dev eslint-plugin-flowtype

To publish a new version


npm publish

And answer the questions!


npm i eslint-config-flowics

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