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    ESF DBIBsc Module


    1. OrientDB should be installed
    2. At least test database of plocal storage type should be created, if not exist. For example:
    bash {ORIENTDB_HOME}/bin/
    create database plocal:{ORIENTDB_DEFAULT_DBS_HOME}/esfe

    curly braces should be replaced with according local installation values. The default user/password for a newly created DB is admin/admin accordingly. 3. In tst/d/esfapp.cfg strings "{USER}", "{PASSWORD}" should be replaced with appropriate credentials.

    Road map

    Version Functionality Status
    0.1.0 Basic single class ops. (req. esf-dbi-bsc-0.1, esf-dbi-bsc-0.2) released
    0.2.0 FS archiving (req. esf-dbi-bsc-0.4) released
    0.3.0 Batch ops (req. esf-dbi-bsc-0.5)
    0.4.0 Record inserting (req. esf-dbi-bsc-0.3)
    0.5.0 FS restoring (req. esf-dbi-bsc-0.6)
    0.6.0 DB archiving (req. esf-dbi-bsc-0.7)
    0.7.0 DB restoring (req. esf-dbi-bsc-0.8)
    1.0.0 API v.1.0 (req. esf-dbi-bsc-0.3) _


    V. 1.0

    ReqId Requirement Implementation Methods
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.1 It should implement Graph API
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.1.1 Every class should extend V or Basic
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.2 It run basic db operations: creating class from JS object, checking class existence, removing class createClassIfNotExists, classExists, createClass
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.3 There should be a method to insert data to class insertRecords
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.3.1 The method should accept either a recordData, or an array of recordData
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.4 It should archive class to JSON file before dropping archiveClass, dropClass
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.5 It run batch db operations: class creation, droppig, archiving archiveClasses, dropClasses, createClasses
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.6 It should restore archived class from JSON file restoreClass
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.7 It should archive class to DB file before dropping archiveClass
    esf-dbi-bsc-0.8 It should restore class from DB restoreClass
    itms-prc-psr-1.0 It implement API v.1.0 _

    API v.1.0

    object  db
    Promise init(object cfg)
    // single class operations
    Promise createClassIfNotExists(object classData)
    Promise classExists(string name)
    Promise createClass(object classData)
    Promise insertRecords(array records | object recordData)
    Promise restoreClass(@rid archiveId)                     //archiveId is an archive fileName or @rid for FS and DB storage type respectively
    Promise archiveClass(string name, string transactionId)  //transactionId defines version and optionally storage type: FS or DB
    Promise dropClass(string name)
    Promise truncateClass(string name)
    // batch operations
    Promise archiveClasses(array classNames)
    Promise dropClasses(array classNames)
    Promise createClasses(array data)

    © MIT bondden 2009-2015


    npm i esf-dbi-bsc

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